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Monday, June 1, 2020

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Newswise Technology and Engineering Wire for 01-Jun-2020

Newswise Technology and Engineering Wire

Tech news for the public and news media. More stories can be found at the Newswise Technology News Source and the Engineering News Source.

As ORNL builds novel reactor, nuclear industry benefits from technology

Scientists at DOE's Manufacturing Demonstration Facility at Oak Ridge National Laboratory working on the Transformational Challenge Reactor, a microreactor built using 3D printing, find their work may revolutionize manufacturing in the nuclear indust...

– Oak Ridge National Laboratory


Parents Likely Have Inaccurate View of Children’s Digital Screentime

Parents likely misjudge how much time their young children are plugged into mobile devices – or how they are spending that time – a new study suggests.

– Michigan Medicine - University of Michigan


Embargo expired on 01-Jun-2020 at 00:05 ET

Electronic Health Records Fail to Detect Up to 33% of Medication Errors

Despite improvements in their performance over the past decade, electronic health records (EHRs) commonly used in hospitals nationwide fail to detect up to one in three potentially harmful drug interactions and other medication errors, according to s...

– University of Utah Health

JAMA Network Open

Embargo expired on 29-May-2020 at 11:00 ET

These flexible feet help robots walk faster

Roboticists at the University of California San Diego have developed flexible feet that can help robots walk up to 40 percent faster on uneven terrain such as pebbles and wood chips. The work has applications for search-and-rescue missions as well as...

– University of California San Diego

RoboSoft Conference

Making matter out of light: high-power laser simulations point the way

Engineers at UC San Diego developed a set of simulations involving high-power lasers that could help us recreate the transformation of light into matter, and better understand what happened at the very beginning of the universe.

– University of California San Diego

Physical Review Applied, May 11, 2020

Study: Paper-thin gallium oxide transistor handles more than 8,000 volts

In a study published in the June edition of IEEE Electron Device Letters, University at Buffalo electrical engineers describe how a gallium oxide transistor they created can handle more than 8,000 volts. The transistor could lead to smaller and more ...

– University at Buffalo

IEEE Electron Device Letters

NUS researchers develop stretchable, self-healing and illuminating material for ‘invincible’ light-emitting devices

Researchers from the National University of Singapore have developed a new stretchable material that can self-heal and light up. The novel material has promising applications that include damage-proof flexible display screens and illuminating electro...

– National University of Singapore

Nature Materials

Calibrated approach to AI and deep learning models could more reliably diagnose and treat disease

In a recent preprint (available through Cornell University’s open access website arXiv), a team led by a Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory computer scientist proposes a novel deep learning approach aimed at improving the reliability of classif...

– Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory


Invention by a Finnish start-up speeds up coronavirus testing

An Aalto University spinoff company has come up with a way to use existing lab microscopes in a completely new and much more effective way with their innovation of nanocoated glass. While this is very relevant to covid19 research, it holds great prom...

– Aalto University

Next Frontier in Bacterial Engineering

A new technique overcomes a serious hurdle in the field of bacterial design and engineering Researchers develop method to identify proteins that enable highly efficient bacterial design Approach has potential to boost efforts in bacterial des...

– Harvard Medical School


Algorithm quickly simulates a roll of loaded dice

The fast and efficient generation of random numbers has long been an important challenge. For centuries, games of chance have relied on the roll of a die, the flip of a coin, or the shuffling of cards to bring some randomness into the proceedings.

– Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

23rd International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Statistics KEYWORDS

As hospitals walk the tightrope of patient data-sharing, one system offers a new balance

Every major medical center in America sits on a gold mine of patient data that could be worth millions of dollars to companies that could use it to develop new treatments and technologies. A new framework could help them do so more responsibly, going...

– Michigan Medicine - University of Michigan

New England Journal of Medicine, May 28, 2020

Researchers track how bacteria purge toxic metals

Cornell researchers combined genetic engineering, single-molecule tracking and protein quantitation to get a closer look at this mechanism and understand how it functions. The knowledge could lead to the development of more effective antibacterial tr...

– Cornell University

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

June’s SLAS Technology Highlights Two Research Papers Authored by SLAS2019 Ignite Award Winner

The June issue of SLAS Technology features two related research papers authored by Georges Muller, Ph.D., (SEED Biosciences, Switzerland) the SLAS2019 Ignite Award winner and a top ten 2020 SLAS Innovation Award finalist. Both of Muller’s contribut...


SLAS Technology, June-2020

New urine testing method holds promise for kidney stone sufferers

An improved urine-testing system for people suffering from kidney stones inspired by nature and proposed by researchers from Penn State and Stanford University may enable patients to receive results within 30 minutes instead of the current turnaround...

– Penn State College of Engineering

Science Advances

Augmented reality can improve online shopping, study finds

A recent survey found that online shoppers return 70% of the clothing they order, more than any other category of purchase. This has an indirect but real impact on the environment.

– Cornell University

Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management

Information technology played key role in growth of ancient civilizations

When it comes to the great civilizations of human history, the pen really might have been mightier than the sword.

– Washington State University

Nature Communications

Researchers use ALCF resources to model the spread of COVID-19

Argonne researchers lead highly detailed COVID-19 modeling efforts to understand how the virus spreads through populations.

– Argonne National Laboratory

Sandia to receive Fujitsu green processor

Sandia anticipates being one of the first DOE labs to receive the newest A64FX Fujitsu processor, a Japanese Arm-based processor optimized for high-performance computing.Arm-based processors are used widely in small electronic devices like cell phon...

– Sandia National Laboratories

Designing technologies that interpret your mood from your skin

Smart devices that measure electrical signals from your skin have the potential to tell you about your stress levels, help your sports performances and allow you to track your emotions.

– Lancaster University

2020 ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems

Features and Experts

Now Complete, Telescope Instrument is Poised to Begin Its Search for Answers About Dark Energy

Even as the Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument, or DESI, lies dormant within a telescope dome on a mountaintop in Arizona, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the DESI project has moved forward in reaching the final formal approval milestone prior to sta...

– Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Embargo expired on 01-Jun-2020 at 11:00 ET

Plasma science report co-chaired by UAH astrophysicist urges better federal agency coordination

Federal agencies should better coordinate their activities in plasma science and engineering (PSE) and jointly support new funding opportunities that take advantage of PSE’s overlaps with different science disciplines, according to a decadal report...

– University of Alabama Huntsville

Embargo expired on 28-May-2020 at 14:30 ET

First-of-its-Kind Personalized 'COVID-19 Risk Score' Launches to Enable Safer Re-opening and Return to Work Plans

Coriell Life Sciences is rolling out a new tool in the fight against COVID-19: personalized COVID-19 Risk Scores designed to enable safer re-opening and return to work plans (especially given the recent release of the CDC guidelines for re-opening). ...

– Coriell Life Sciences

SLUCare Launches Neighborhood Virtual Visits

SLUCare, the academic medical practice of Saint Louis University, is launching a program designed to help those without home internet or smartphones access telehealth services. The Neighborhood Virtual Visit program will connect patients to SLUCare m...

– Saint Louis University Medical Center

Simulations Indicate Heightened Risks When Pandemic and Hurricane Season Overlap

As coastal communities prepare for the possibility of hurricanes this summer and fall, they are doing so amid the uncertain landscape of the COVID-19 pandemic — a crisis that has already taxed health care systems, governments, and supply chains. ...

– Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI)

Daya Bay Reactor Experiment Continues to Generate Data

Largely unaffected by the pandemic, the Daya Bay reactor neutrino experiment in Shenzen, China, has continued to pump data to remote supercomputers for analyses.

– Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Remarkable Grads from the Class of 2020

This spring, the California State University​ will award degrees to more than 100,000 students who come from all walks of life. These students embody some of the characteristics that make the CSU’s student body so remarkable: resiliency, integri...

– California State University (CSU) Chancellor's Office

Robotic Cats Are ‘Purr-fect’ Companions for Seniors Isolated Due to COVID-19

Researchers provide the “purr-fect” solution to comfort and engage older adults with Alzheimer’s disease and other related dementias (ADRD) during the pandemic – interactive robotic cats. Designed to respond to motion, touch and sound, these ...

– Florida Atlantic University

Online tool created to track development of coronavirus vaccines

Notre Dame researchers create online tool to track development of coronavirus vaccines.

– University of Notre Dame

A window of opportunity: Physicists test titanium target windows for particle beam

Fermilab is upgrading its particle accelerators to generate high-intensity proton beams, which will pass through metallic “windows” and collide with a target. Researchers are testing the endurance of windows made of a titanium alloy, exposing sam...

– Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab)

Student-Built Program Supports Thousands During Remote Learning Experience

In the spring 2020 semester, more than 2,000 students and 242 professors, teaching assistants and mentors relied on Submitty, the open-source tool designed and built by students, faculty, and teaching assistants at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. ...

– Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI)

Researchers Develop Self-disinfecting, Reusable Protective Face Mask

Technion researchers have developed a self-disinfecting, reusable protective face mask. The disinfection process occurs when a layer of carbon fibers in the mask is heated using a low current source, such as a mobile phone charger. A patent applicati...

– American Technion Society

Helping Law Enforcement Solve and Prevent Chemical-Related Violence

S&T-developed Chemical Agents Reactions Database can help federal, state and local agencies check if chemicals found in illegal labs can make illicit drugs, poisons or warfare agents.

– Homeland Security's Science And Technology Directorate

Kidney Health Initiative Urges the Acceleration of Home Therapy Technology in Response to Coronavirus 2019 (Covid-19)

The COVID-19 pandemic highlights the vulnerability of people with kidney failure who rely on in-center hemodialysis. People with kidney failure are at high risk of severe COVID-19 complications and are exposed to infection due to a kidney replacemen...

– American Society of Nephrology (ASN)

“Accelerating Technology Development During a Pandemic to Bring More People with Kidney Failure Home”

Announcements and Events

COVID-19 Healthcare Coalition Launches COVID-19 Decision Support Dashboard

The new COVID-19 Decision Support Dashboard synthesizes large amounts of complex, essential data into easy-to-use key findings for public and private-sector leaders navigating the “reopening” of communities and businesses.

– COVID-19 Healthcare Coalition

Lehigh University graduate student wins DOE award to conduct thesis research at PPPL

Article profiles Vincent Graber, his research interests and thesis plans.

– Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory

Tech Contest Seeks to Bolster Energy-Efficient, Language-Based AI Applications

A technology consortium has launched an industry-wide competition to jump-start the development of more energy-efficient, language-based AI applications.

– New York University

Air Flow Experts Working to Make Sure New Jet Fighters Take Flight — and Land — Safely

With the support of a new grant from the Office of Naval Research, aerospace engineers from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute are using their extensive knowledge of flow physics to determine how air flow will affect new jet fighters and how that flow ...

– Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI)

New grant will help scientists advance human immune model in pigs

Scientists at Iowa State University are poised to take a significant step forward in human health by transferring a human immune system into pigs. The research was recently awarded a nearly $3 million grant from the National Institutes of Health to ...

– Iowa State University

UVA Darden Launches New Digital Product Management Specialization

The University of Virginia Darden School of Business has launched a new suite of courses on digital product management available to learners across the world.

– University of Virginia Darden School of Business

Biomedical engineers to test ultraviolet light's ability to kill coronavirus

The idea of UV sterilization is not a new one, but little or no scientific data about its potency against COVID-19 have been collected, until now. Thanks to a one-year, $182,728 grant from the National Science Foundation, researchers at Binghamton Un...

– Binghamton University, State University of New York


Battling disease with ultraviolet light

Now and in the months to come, hospitals and commercial buildings will be tasked with sanitizing large indoor environments to prevent the transmission of viruses like SARS-CoV-2, which causes COVID-19. A new seed grant-funded study could provide the ...

– Penn State College of Engineering

Lograsso named Critical Materials Institute Director

Dr. Thomas Lograsso has been named director of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Critical Materials Institute (CMI) at Ames Laboratory.

– Ames Laboratory

NSF-funded antimicrobial technology targets COVID-19

The commercialization of a Cornell-created antimicrobial coating technology that keeps surfaces clean by extending the life of chlorine-based disinfectants – by days and even weeks – is being fast-tracked to determine how well it can combat COVID...

– Cornell University

Freedom of speech expert available to comment on Trump's executive order on social media

– Indiana University





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