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Saturday, June 13, 2020

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Newswise Weekend Edition Wire for 13-Jun-2020

Medical News

Happiness Might Protect You From Gastrointestinal Distress

DALLAS – June 9, 2020 – Serotonin, a chemical known for its role in producing feelings of well-being and happiness in the brain, can reduce the ability of some intestinal pathogens to cause deadly infections, new research by UT Southwestern scien...

– UT Southwestern Medical Center

Cell Host & Microbe; AI053067, AI114511

Embargo expired on 09-Jun-2020 at 11:00 ET

Widespread facemask use could shrink the ‘R’ number and prevent a second COVID-19 wave – study

• Cambridge-led modelling looks at population-level facemask use. • The more people use facemasks in public, the smaller the ‘R’. • Even basic homemade masks significantly reduce transmission at a population level. • Researchers call...

– University of Cambridge

Proceedings of the Royal Society A

Embargo expired on 09-Jun-2020 at 19:00 ET

Heat and humidity battle sunshine for influence over the spread of COVID-19, researchers find

An international team of researchers led by McMaster University has found that while higher heat and humidity can slow the spread of COVID-19, longer hours of sunlight are associated with a higher incidence of the disease, in a sign that sunny days c...

– McMaster University

Geographical Analysis

Majority of First-Wave COVID-19 Clinical Trials Have Significant Design Shortcomings, Study Finds

Most of the registered clinical trials of potential treatments for COVID-19 underway as of late March were designed in ways that will greatly limit their value in understanding potential treatments, according to a study from researchers at Johns Hopk...

– Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

BMJ Open

Heart Injury Among Hospitalized COVID-19 Patients Associated with Higher Risk of Death

Study findings may help doctors better triage coronavirus patients admitted to the hospital

– Mount Sinai Health System

Journal of the American College of Cardiology

Link Found Between Pet Ownership and Health

Research found that pet ownership improves health in some instances, but increases risk in others.

– University at Albany, State University of New York

Science of the Total Environment and Environmental Research; Science of the Total Environment and Environmental Research

Science News

LJI scientists uncover immune cells that may lower airway allergy and asthma risk

In a new Science Immunology study, published on June 12, 2020, scientists at La Jolla Institute for Immunology (LJI) offer a clue to why non-allergic people don’t have a strong reaction to house dust mites. They’ve uncovered a previously unknown ...

– La Jolla Institute for Immunology

U19AI100275; U19AI135731; R01HL114093; S10RR027366; S10 RR027366

Embargo expired on 12-Jun-2020 at 14:00 ET

Looking Up to the Stars Can Reveal What’s Deep Below

Using a new technique originally designed to explore the cosmos, scientists have unveiled structures deep inside the Earth, paving the way towards a new map revealing what Earth’s interior looks like.

– Johns Hopkins University

Science, June-2020; NSF-EAR1352214

Embargo expired on 11-Jun-2020 at 14:00 ET

Could We Run Out of Sand? Scientists Adjust How Grains Are Measured

New models will help manage impacts of sea-level rise on vulnerable coast

– University of Sydney

Scientific Reports

Embargo expired on 11-Jun-2020 at 05:00 ET

Could the Answer to Groundwater Resources Come From High in the Sky?

A new computational approach developed by scientists at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory offers a high-tech yet simple method for estimating groundwater: it pairs high-resolution images derived by satellite with advanced computer modeling to est...

– Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

How Stimulus Dollars are Spent will Affect Emissions for Decades

The COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns have led to a record crash in emissions. But it will be emission levels during the recovery—in the months and years after the pandemic recedes—that matter most for how global warming plays out

– University of California San Diego


Eclipse Data Illuminate Mysteries of Sun's Corona

Researchers at the University of Hawai?i Institute for Astronomy (IfA) have been hard at work studying the solar corona, the outermost atmosphere of the sun that expands into interplanetary space. The properties of the solar corona are a consequence ...

– University of Hawaii at Manoa

Astrophysical Journal

First Global Map of Rockfalls on the Moon

In October 2015, a spectacular rockfall occurred in the Swiss Alps: in the late morning hours, a large, snow-covered block with a volume of more than 1500 cubic meters suddenly detached from the summit of Mel de la Niva. It fell apart on its way down...

– ETH Zürich

Nature Communications

Great White Shark Diet Surprises Scientists

Understanding how sharks feed is vital for managing human interactions

– University of Sydney

Frontiers in Marine Science

Celebrating 20 Years of Smashing Success at RHIC

Let’s wind back the clock and take a look at the lead-up to RHIC’s first collisions with these excerpts from the Brookhaven Bulletin. As you’ll see, getting a complicated particle collider up and running takes a lot of teamwork and coordinated ...

– Brookhaven National Laboratory

Could These ‘Salt-loving’ Edible Sea Vegetables be the New Kale?

Skip the salt! Three species of sea vegetables could just be the new kale with the added benefit of a salty flavor. The 10-week study was designed to determine the optimal growing conditions for these sea vegetables that could soon be a great additio...

– Florida Atlantic University

PPPL ramps up activities for diagnostics for ITER fusion experiment

The U.S. Department of Laboratory's Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory will lead the design and construction of several diagnostics for ITER, the international fusion experiment. At the same time, engineers are completing design work on a microwave ...

– Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory

Lifestyle & Social Sciences

Cash Me Outside: Transfers to the Poor Linked to Eco-Benefits

In a new study, researchers recently discovered that Indonesia’s national anti-poverty program reduced deforestation by about 30%.

– Johns Hopkins University

Science Advances, June-2020

Embargo expired on 12-Jun-2020 at 14:00 ET

Research Links Personality Traits to Toilet Paper Stockpiling

People who feel more threatened by COVID-19 and rank highly on scales of emotionality and conscientiousness were most likely to stockpile toilet paper in March 2020, according to a new study published June 12, 2020 in the open-access journal PLOS ONE...



Embargo expired on 12-Jun-2020 at 14:00 ET

Women’s Communication Shapes Division of Labor in Household

A new study led a team that analyzed the role that communication plays in the division of household labor. They found that partner communication is the most important factor linking the division of household labor to satisfaction in the relationship....

– University of Utah

Socius, June-2020

Forgot Where You Parked the Car? Research Suggests Memory Is a Game of All or Nothing

New research by psychologists at the University of York has looked at how irritating and highly-relatable moments of amnesia come about, and asks: when we forget is the memory entirely lost or has it instead become fuzzier over time?

– University of York

Nature Human Behaviour

Weird Science

White lab coats and dangerous experiments all epitomise the ‘mad scientist’ from many a Hollywood blockbuster but, even beyond the silver screen, the stereotype lives on, and according to new research, it could mar the next generation of potentia...

– University of South Australia

Journal of Inclusive Education

Banning Covert Foreign Election Interference

The United States is one of the countries that is most susceptible to foreign election interference. To safeguard the U.S. elections in November, Robert K. Knake argues that the United States and other democracies should agree to not interfere in for...

– Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)

Robert K. Knake, "Banning Covert Foreign Election Interference", Digital and Cyberspace Policy Program, Council on Foreign Relations, May 29, 2020.

FAA Extends Funding for NEXTOR III Aviation Operations Research Consortium

The FAA has extended funding for the Maryland Smith-supported consortium that has developed decision support tools, operational and system concepts, and policymaking tools that benefit the FAA, the airline industry and the flying public.

– University of Maryland, Robert H. Smith School of Business

Business News

Work Habits of Highly Effective Teams: Insight for Businesses Operating or Reopening Amid Coronavirus

Maryland Smith workplace expert Cynthia Kay Stevens gives advice that organizations can use to better support their teams as they take on complex problems including those posed by operating or reopening amid restrictions imposed by COVID-19.

Expert Available

– University of Maryland, Robert H. Smith School of Business

Organization Science, Nov-2019

Flexible Work: Likely or Lip Service Beyond Pandemic?

Flexible work has always been a drawcard for employees, but while managers have typically been reluctant to embrace flexible work arrangements, University of South Australia researchers warn that the topic is likely to become front and centre as empl...

Expert Available

– University of South Australia





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