Newswise — Lynette Krenelka is always looking for new ways to serve students.

As the executive director of the Teaching Transformation & Development Academy and director of extended learning, Krenelka wants UND to serve everyone, from new students to alumni to lifelong learners. That’s why she and others at UND have formed a partnership with Woz U, a technology-based career training leader formed by Steve “Woz” Wozniak, famed co-founder of Apple computer systems, as well as an inventor and philanthropist.

“Students want professional training in web development, cyber security and data science,” Krenelka said. “We did a lot of research, looking for the best curriculum and price range. Woz U had the best curriculum and offers mentors.”

Krenelka said there’s a need for this type of training.

Partnership tie-ins

Krenelka said that the partnership ties in well with the One UND Strategic Plan and other initiatives, including UND’s agreement with Pearson Online Learning to offer master’s degrees in cyber security, accountancy and more.

“UND’s Strategic Plan calls for additional educational opportunities,” she said. “The UND and Woz U partnership provides that for students.”

Krenelka said she hopes the program will attract everyone from alumni seeking a career change to students who haven’t completed a degree.

Non-credit programs can be an entry point to the University, Krenelka said.

“The UND brand is strong,” she said. “Students can start with a non-credit program, then go on to earn bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degrees in business, technology or engineering.”

Krenelka said the Woz U curriculum can be customized to the student’s needs.

“This will help us serve students who are lifelong learners and provide another opportunity for professionals,” Krenelka said. “At the same time, we hope to engage new students who will become interested in UND’s programs and encourage them to continue at UND.”

“When students graduate, they will be career-ready in a technical field,” she said, adding that the programs run between 12 and 33 weeks.

“This is not an easy curriculum,” Krenelka said. “When they finish, students are ready for the workforce.”