Newswise — Whether it is the death of a public figure like Kobe Bryant or of a beloved family member or friend, loss can create many difficult emotions for kids and adults. 

Gina Kornfeind, MSW, MS, a pediatric palliative care social worker and bereavement counselor and coordinator at UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital, is available to be interviewed on the topic of loss and grief. She can offer coping strategies on how to deal with feelings of loss and grief, especially when children are involved. 

Sudden deaths and tragedies can also bring up the delicate nature of life and the randomness of death and trigger grief stemming from previous losses of loved ones.

Rev. Yuko Uesugi, interim director of the UCLA Health Spiritual Care Department, is available to speak about how to manage these feelings about mortality and resurgence of grief. 

For an interivew with either of these experts, please contact Alana Prisco at [email protected]