2018 Papers of the Year; Macrophages in Lung Injury and Fibrosis; Ozone Exposure and Implantation; and More Featured in April 2019 Toxicological Sciences

Issue Also Contains Papers on Transgenerational Effects of Metals; Optimizing Toxicity Models; and Thyroid Hormone Deionidase Screening

Newswise — The April 2019 issue of Toxicological Sciences begins with an editorial discussing the two 2018 Papers of the Year and the three honorable mentions. The issue also features a contemporary review on macrophages in lung injury and fibrosis; highlighted papers on air pollution and gestation; transgenerational effects of metals; optimizing toxicity models; and thyroid hormone deionidase screening; as well as open access papers on a safety study of GMO maize and perfluorooctanoate and lipoprotein metabolism.

Highlights of Toxicological Sciences Volume 168, Issue 2 include:

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