As scientists and physicians debate the hot-button topic of how much salt is safe in your diet, David Levitsky, professor of Nutritional Science at Cornell University, says that despite warnings from some nutritionists, most people’s bodies do a great job of eliminating salt.

Levitsky says:

“How much salt to consume has been a matter of contention brewing under the table among nutritional scientists for a long time. There is neither little doubt that if we consume a highly salted food or drink, our blood pressure will rise ¬– nor that increasing blood pressure is bad.

“However, most people’s kidneys do so such a great job of eliminating the sodium from our bodies that blood pressure normalizes in about an hour or two. Despite this fact, the medical and nutritional establishments will be just as reluctant to permit us to eat as much salt as we like as they are to allow us to skip breakfast.”

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