Newswise — The elected leadership of the American Association for Anatomy (AAA), the American Society for Investigative Pathology, and the American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics have chosen to disband Experimental Biology (EB) after 2022. The decision was spurred by separate announcements by the American Physiological Society in 2019 and the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in earlier this year that they will part with EB after 2022 – leaving the remaining host societies to decide whether to continue or to disband. Following the EB 2022 meeting in Philadelphia co-hosted by all five societies, each will hold stand-alone meetings from 2023 forward.

AAA President Rick Sumner summarized the Board’s wishes for this unique opportunity. “Establishing our own annual meeting enables us to build it around our members, those who consider themselves anatomists as well as all those in anatomy-related fields whom we’ve welcomed into the organization in recent years and especially since our renaming. Anatomy really is a ‘big tent,’ foundational, and exciting discipline. Our new annual meeting will reflect that.”

In addition to the inescapable realities around EB itself, the Board convened several meetings and workshops to examine strategic viewpoints on the future of meetings, including those spawned by this COVID-19 pandemic. Among scientists, smaller meetings are often more appealing due to increased opportunities to collaborate and personally share research goals and outcomes. Additionally, and especially for the near future, people may simply be less willing to gather in groups that number in the tens of thousands. “By creating our own, more intimate annual meeting, we aim to capture much of the positive energy that already exists in the Anatomy Lounge,” added Sumner.

The AAA Board, committees, and staff envision a 2023 Annual Meeting with robust programming and participation. Underscoring this aim are commitments to making the new Annual Meeting:

  • A welcoming, supportive, and inclusive conference for anatomy and related sciences.
  • A forum that people are excited to attend to share their science.
  • Rich with integrated content – for educators and basic scientists alike – that is thoughtful, stimulating, and inspiring.
  • Collegial and collaborative, providing activities and adequate time for networking, mentoring, and collaboration.
  • Synergized with AAA journals to promote scientific publishing.
  • A vital marketplace for inspiring ideas and new business opportunities.

While the decision to ‘go solo’ is impactful, it is the first of many decisions yet to come. AAA leadership and staff will work with various partners and stakeholders in the coming months and years to create a can’t-miss experience. Future updates will be provided on the AAA website,, as they become available.

For now, EB continues – with 2021’s virtual meeting just months ahead. Researchers in anatomy and related fields are invited to be part of this unique, engaging event. Abstract submission is open through January 7. Full details are available at

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