Newswise — CHICAGO – What’s worth saving to you? Scrapbooks, mementos, diamond rings? How about that sparkling smile? It turns out our natural teeth are pretty precious treasures.

The AAE announced it has dedicated the entire month of May to saving teeth. Save Your Tooth Month, sponsored by EndoVision and the GentleWave® Procedure by Sonendo®, is a national initiative designed to elevate endodontists as the go-to choice for endodontic care, and change the conversation around root canals.

A new survey we conducted that was dedicated towards figuring out what Americans believe is worth saving tells us that millennials care about saving their natural teeth just as much -- if not more -- than any other aspect of their body.

  • The top reasons people value saving their natural teeth are because “it’s healthier” and “it gives you a better appearance.”
  • Sixty-one percent of women feel strongly that saving their natural teeth helps them feel better about themselves compared to 51 percent of men.
  • Twenty-four percent of millennials ranked teeth as the No. 1 thing they would save or maintain about their body compared to baby boomers’ preference for saving their eyesight (37 percent).
  • More than 95 percent of people say it’s important to save your natural teeth.

“The perfect companion to our Worth Saving consumer campaign, Save Your Tooth Month emphasizes the importance of saving your natural teeth, among other treasured items,” said AAE President Dr. Keith V. Krell. “Your smile is a precious part of you that shouldn’t be taken for granted.”

In another survey of the public, we found that 48 percent of respondents would make an appointment to see their dentist if they experienced tooth pain. Roughly half of respondents said if they were to feel tooth pain, they would only wait between two and six days to seek treatment. Another 23 percent said they would seek treatment that same day. Clearly, most people wish to resolve tooth pain very quickly, and that's exactly what endodontists are trained to do.

"Endodontists have at least two extra years of specialized training in root canal procedures, and are better equipped to handle the intricacies of different cases and potential complications that can occur," Dr. Krell said. "In addition to using the most sophisticated technology, endodontists prioritize patient comfort, ensuring root canal procedures are virtually painless."

Patients are encouraged to get into the spirit of Save Your Tooth Month and share their root canal success stories to help the AAE spread the word about endodontists and the value of saving natural teeth.

Patients should also join the Save Your Tooth Month fun on social media and follow the AAE on Twitter and Instagram at @savingyourteeth, and find us on Facebook as well. To find an endodontist in your area, use

“We tend to take our bodies for granted, so it’s great to learn younger people really understand the importance of dental health,” Dr. Krell concluded. “Endodontists take pride in using advanced training, specialized techniques and superior technologies to perform root canal treatment and help everyone keep their natural teeth – treasure them!”


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