Before joining Notre Dame's Keough School of Global Affairs, Paul Winters was the associate vice-president, Strategy and Knowledge Department and director of the Research and Impact Assessment Division at the International Fund for Agricultural Development in Rome.

"With respect to climate change, agriculture and food security are complicated by the fact that agriculture is a major contributor to climate change (23% of emissions according to the IPCC report) but is also greatly affected by climate change, particularly through changing weather patterns and extreme events. This report provides clearer evidence on the link between climate change and particular events and also shows more clearly the regional effects--where drought is likely to occur, increasing chances of flooding, etc.

Trying to address climate change and agriculture is complicated by the fact we need to feed the planet with safe, healthy, affordable and nutritious foods (avoiding issues such as rising levels of obesity and overweight populations), and that agriculture is a key activity of the poorest people in the world. We need to simultaneously try and create a sustainable agricultural/food system while ensuring it is productive, inclusive and nutritious/healthy."

Paul Winters, University of Notre Dame Keough-Hesburgh Professor of Global Affairs; Director, Sustainable Development Concentration, Master of Global Affairs