As a manufacturer of reagents, AESKU.DIAGNOSTICS has a great understanding of the automation needs faced by end-users when handling diagnostic products on a daily basis.

While there are automation companies with great engineers, we believed they sometimes lack the comprehension of daily lab routine.

Understanding these needs encourages us to create state-of-the-art instruments. Therefore, AESKU.SYSTEMS was established to develop products that adapt to the laboratory reality. Our systems are designed to fulfill the highest usability requirements, making our instruments practical and easy to use.

Fully manufactured in our facilities in Germany, the first instrument of AESKU.SYSTEMS – the HELMED® – has numerous unique and patented features focusing on usability and flexibility, granting access to the best of 3 worlds – IFA, ELISA and Blot on a single platform.

Since its launch, the HELMED has never stopped evolving, revolutionizing the way lab routine is performed across 5 continents.