Attached is the program for the 39th annual American Cancer
Society Science Writers Seminar to be held March 23 - 26, 1997
at the Hyatt Regency Reston in Reston, VA.

The Seminar is open to journalists from print and electronic
general interest media and health care trade media.
Representatives of marketing, advertising or public relations
firms, or of companies producing print or electronic materials
for such purposes, may not attend the Seminar.

NOTE: This year, all Seminar attendees must make their own
hotel reservations, as well as their own travel arrangements.
The cutoff date for hotel reservations is MARCH 4. Please call
Joann Schellenbach at 212-382-2169 for hotel and media
registration information.


Sunday, March 23, 1997
Panel: Genetics
Chair: Mary-Claire King, PhD, University of Washington
· Richard Klausner, MD, National Cancer Institute
(Invited) The cancer gene anatomy project.

· William Isaacs, PhD, Johns
Hopkins School of Medicine: Genetics of
prostate cancer.

· Henry Lynch, MD, Creighton
University: DNA-based genetic counseling
in HNPCC (Lynch Syndrome).
· Ken Kinzler, PhD, Johns Hopkins School of
Medicine (Pending publication date) Mechanisms underlying
the initiation of colorectal cancer.


Monday morning, March 24, 1997
Panel: Risk Factors
Chair: David Hunter, MD, ScD, Harvard School of Public

· Brian Henderson, MD,
University of Southern California: Genetic
susceptibility to breast cancer.

· Graham Colditz, MD, PhD,
Harvard School of Public Health: Leisure-time
physical activity and reduced risk of colon cancer.

· Peter Shields, MD, National
Cancer Institute: Molecular epidemiology of
tobacco smoking, lung and breast Cancer.

· Ed Giavannucci, MD, Harvard
School of Public Health: Risk factors for
prostate cancer.

· Harvey Risch, MD, PhD, Yale
School of Medicine: Risk Factors for familial
and hereditary ovarian cancer.

Monday afternoon, March 24, 1997
Panel: Health Policy research
Chair: Lisa Simpson, MD, Associate Administrator, Agency
for Health Care Policy and Research

· Nancy King, JD, University of
North Carolina School of Medicine:
Experimental treatment: oxymoron or aspiration?

· Sean Tunis, PhD, Johns
Hopkins University: Insurance coverage for
experimental treatments.

· Bill Sage, MD, PhD, Columbia
University School of Law. Insurance
coverage disputes involving experimental cancer therapies.

Tuesday morning, March 25, 1997
Panel: Emerging Therapies
Chair: Vincent DeVita, Jr., MD, Director, Yale Cancer Center

· Steven Rosenberg, MD, PhD,
National Cancer Institute: Gene therapy for

· Allen Oliff, MD, Merck
Research Laboratories: Rational drug targets in
oncology: targeting the molecular basis of cancer.

· Chris Maack, PhD, Onyx
Pharmaceuticals: Replicating viruses as selective
cancer therapeutics.

· Dana Matthews, MD, Fred
Hutchinson Cancer Center: Radiolabeled
antibody therapy of acute leukemia.

Howard Fine, MD, Dana Farber
Cancer Institute: Angiogenesis in the treatment
of cancer.

Tuesday afternoon, March 25, 1997: Free

Wednesday morning, March 26, 1977
Panel: Breast Cancer
Chair: Patricia Steeg, PhD, Chief, Women"šs Cancer Section,
National Cancer Institute

· Ann Thor, MD, Northwestern
University: Adjuvant therapy and oncogene
interactions in early stage breast cancer: a CALGB verification

· David Page, MD, Vanderbilt
University: Smaller and low grade examples of
ductal carcinoma in situ of the breast: the true, non-obligate
precursor of breast cancer.

· Ed Sausville, MD, PhD,
National Cancer Institute: New approaches in
anti-cancer drug discovery and development.

Panel: Prostate Cancer
Chair: Donald Coffey, PhD, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

· Warren Heston, PhD, Memorial
Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center:
Prostate-specific membrane antigen: new aspects.

· Donald Tindall, PhD, Mayo Clinic
and Foundation: Regulation of gene
expression in prostate cancer.

· Gerald Murphy, MD, DSc,
Pacific Northwest Cancer Foundation:
Development of a prostate cancer vaccine
using dendritic cells and prostate specific
membrane antigen peptides.

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