(Mount Laurel, NJ, October 14, 2022)—Abstracts of breaking research in neurology and neuroscience, to be presented at the 2022 American Neurological Association Annual Meeting, are now available in Annals of Neurology and open-access on the Annual Meeting website.


Access all meeting abstracts here. You can also view the Research Alerts below for some high-impact research highlights:



About ANA2022

The 2022 ANA Annual Meeting, taking place October 22–25 at the Hyatt Regency Chicago, features hundreds of presentations on breaking research from academic neurologists and neuroscientists nationwide. This year’s groundbreaking research includes demonstrated links between environmental exposures and Alzheimer’s disease, disparities in stroke deaths, why nicotine may reduce Parkinson’s risk, and cardio training as therapy for movement disorders. View all ANA2022 research abstracts here.

The ANA Annual Meeting convenes the top academic neurologists in the United States, international neurology leaders, trainees, and students around key developments in neurology and neuroscience. Plenary sessions will focus on issues including environmental exposures and neurologic disease, equity and disparities in neurology, and pathologic interactions between the nervous system and other organ systems. Members of the media are welcome to attend the full meeting (preview the full advance program and the at-a-glance meeting schedule). You can register and obtain press credentials here.

The meeting will feature a “Highlights of the Meeting” media roundtable on Tuesday, October 25, 2022 from 11:00 am to 12:00 p.m. (U.S. Central Time), during which the chairs of the principal symposia will present highlights, discuss the relevance of the work, and answer questions.


About the American Neurological Association (ANA)

From advances in stroke and dementia to movement disorders and epilepsy, the American Neurological Association has been the vanguard of research since 1875 as the premier professional society of academic neurologists and neuroscientists devoted to understanding and treating diseases of the nervous system. Its monthly Annals of Neurology is among the world’s most prestigious medical journals, and the ANA’s Annals of Clinical and Translational Neurology is an online-only, open access journal providing rapid dissemination of high-quality, peer-reviewed research related to all areas of neurology. The acclaimed ANA Annual Meeting draws faculty and trainees from the top academic departments across the U.S. and abroad for groundbreaking research, networking, and career development. For more information, visit www.myana.org or @TheNewANA1.

Meeting Link: ANA Annual Meeting/Annals of Neurology, Oct-2022