Newswise — WASHINGTON, D.C., June 27, 2017 -- The American Institute of Physics (AIP) and AIP Publishing are pleased to announce the launch of Scilight -- brief written summaries of research articles emphasizing the significance of a contribution to a field of science. Scilight benefits both the journal authors and the scientific community by giving authors another way to promote their research published by AIP Publishing and a place for scientists and science enthusiasts to quickly and easily scan the latest, important breakthroughs in the world of physics.

Scilights focus on the most crucial aspects of scientific research papers: What was done, why is it noteworthy and how will it impact its field? The intention is to present this information in a manner that allows readers to understand the basis of the journal paper quickly and succinctly with a focus on technical details and innovations within the field. Each summary will also include full access to the journal article itself and author contacts pertaining to the article.

These concise 250-word summaries grant authors the chance to have their work highlighted and promoted to a broader reading audience. Each scilight illuminates the author’s research focus and will encourage readers to further delve into the subject.

Research will be highlighted from AIP Publishing's publications, including, but not limited to, Applied Physics Letters, Journal of Applied Physics, The Journal of Chemical Physics, Chaos and Physics of Plasmas. Access to the research and the journals themselves will be made available to Scilight readers.

Scilights will be published online at the same time the journal paper is published, and Scilight subscribers will receive a weekly newsletter alerting them to the latest summaries posted to the site. Subscribers can expect to see approximately 10 Scilights every week, highlighting the most recent and potentially impactful findings in the various fields that AIP Publishing's publications cover.

Please visit the Scilight website at to learn more.

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