Jack R. Gabel, Ph.D. studies astrophysics, focused on quasar accretion and outflow processes using ultraviolet, optical and infrared spectra from the Hubble Space Telescope and large ground-based observatories. He is associate professor astrophysics, electricity and magnetism, general physics and astronomy at Creighton University, and also serves as director of the Creighton Robotic Telescope Facility.

From Dr. Gabel: The next 50 years of human spaceflight won't be anything like the past 50 years. With the privatization of space travel underway and cooperation among nations in space exploration, the “firsts” that could happen in the next 10 years could outnumber the achievements of the past half-century. Tourists on the moon and landing on Mars are realistic possibilities that would never have been imaginable without the success of the Apollo program.

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