Applied and effortless simplicity of Burkert products have always been something to rely on – now we have added pure flexibility to the list of standards you can expect. The unique Pneumatic Dosing unit from Burkert – ultra precision and repeatability of fluid dosing come together with a flexible, customizable design giving you precisely the results that matter to you. Whether your world is dosing pharma media or syrup, vaccines or coffee flavors, wide ranging performance just met your changing needs. Features you can rely on:Defined volumes with high precision and repeatability up to +/- 2%Dosing accuracy independent of temperatureHighly integratable technologyMedia separation with high quality materialsSingle use wetted partsEasy to use robust system and less maintenance Your customization options:Variable dosing volume to fit your applicationDifferent materials to fit your needsWith or without internal pressure supply to fit your deviceFlexible design to fit your package