April 2021 Issue of Neurosurgical Focus: Video Highlights Craniosynostosis

Charlottesville, VA (April 1, 2021). The April 2021 issue of Neurosurgical Focus: Video (Vol. 4, Issue 2 [https://thejns.org/video/view/journals/neurosurg-focus-video/4/2/neurosurg-focus-video.4.issue-2.xml]) features 17 video articles on craniosynostosis. 

Topic editors:            Craig Birgfeld, Federico Di Rocco, Cormac O. Maher, Mark R. Proctor, and Matthew D. Smyth


In the introduction to the April issue, the topic editors speak of advances in craniosynostosis surgery over the past decades. Some technological innovations include preoperative models for training and planning surgery, endoscopic approaches, Piezoelectric surgery for bone cutting, external distractors, and postoperative springs and orthotics

In describing the issue, the topic editors state,

“In this exciting video journal dedicated to craniosynostosis, the authors evaluate some of the basic techniques and then describe the use of these new and innovative techniques for the treatment of single-suture and multisuture syndromic synostosis. The reader should be able to appreciate many of the nuances in the treatment of these disease processes and see how surgeons are dealing with the conditions using the new innovations available in the modern era.”

The following articles can be found in this issue:

  • “Introduction: Innovations in craniosynostosis surgery” by Craig Birgfeld et al.
  • “Realistic simulator for craniosynostosis endoscopic approach” by Giselle Coelho et al.
  • “Gigli saw facilitates safe minimal access sagittal suturectomy in infants” by Robert M. Lober et al.
  • “Metopic triangle osteotomy in trigonocephaly Piezosurgery: a technical variant to control metopic emissary veins” by Maria Licci et al.
  • “Minimally invasive strip craniectomy for metopic craniosynostosis using a lighted retractor” by David S. Hersh et al.
  • “Spring-mediated cranioplasty for sagittal craniosynostosis” by Christopher L. Kalmar et al.
  • “Removal of cranial springs after spring-mediated cranioplasty” by Christopher L. Kalmar et al.
  • “Spring-assisted minimally invasive repair of sagittal craniosynostosis” by Lance S. Governale and Jessica A. Ching
  • “Endoscopic-assisted repair for sagittal synostosis” by Matthew D. Smyth and Kamlesh B. Patel
  • “Single incision endoscopic strip craniectomy for sagittal craniosynostosis” by Edward S. Ahn and Archis R. Bhandarkar
  • “Endoscope-assisted right coronal suturectomy” by Michael M. McDowell et al.
  • “Lambdoid synostosis: endoscopic craniectomy” by David F. Jimenez
  • “Endoscopic surgical treatment of bilateral coronal craniosynostosis” by Yasser Jeelani and Mark R. Proctor.
  • “Sagittal synostosis scaphocephaly cranial reconstruction with spiral cut cranioplasty” by Catherine Y. Wang et al.
  • Distraction osteogenesis with temporal bone remodeling for unicoronal craniosynostosis” by Phuong D. Nguyen et al.
  • Rotation flap distraction osteogenesis for unicoronal synostosis” by Alvin Wong et al.
  • “Morphological improvement after multi-directional cranial distraction osteogenesis procedure for syndromic craniosynostosis” by Masahiro Kameda et al.
  • Open craniofacial reconstruction for coronal craniosynostosis” by Edward R. Bader et al.


Please join us in viewing these fascinating video articles on craniosynostosis.




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