Newswise — Dr Sercan Ozcan, Reader (Associate Professor) in Innovation & Technology Management at the University of Portsmouth

Dr Ozcan is an expert in Technology and Innovation Intelligence using machine learning approaches for large-scale data analysis. He uses text intelligence and NLP techniques in his studies. Similar to ChatGPT, benefiting from large-scale data, he trained a model to predict the changes in science. 

He can talk about the following items:

- Policy and regulation requirements for ChatGPT (or chatbots) considering the potential problems.

- ChatGPT is to be used as a model to predict future topics and trends.

- A unified approach where ChatGPT and many other AI solutions come together and offer unified solutions. For example,  one will be working on text, voice, visual, and different data where all these will be offered a comprehensive solution. Next, these solutions will be integrated into robots, particularly humanoids. 

- Diffusion of innovation - ChatGPT applications will be created in multiple sectors. There will be a central provider of this technology and there will be adopters of this technology. This process will be rapidly compared to any other technologies we know.


Dr Alexander Gegov, Reader in Computational Intelligence at the University of Portsmouth

Dr Gegov's research expertise includes the development of AI methods and their application in different areas including financial decision making, environmental modelling, medical diagnosis and public security.

He can talk about the sophistication and trustworthiness of AI and chatbots, as well as how they can be developed and used in a more responsible and ethical way.