As Congress considers self-driving car regulations, Ram Pendyala, an Arizona State University professor, can answer questions about this subject.

Ram M. Pendyala, Ph.D., is a professor of Transportation Systems in the Civil, Environmental and Sustainable Engineering Program at Arizona State University. He is also the director of the Mobility Analytics Research Group (MARG), an industry-university collaborative research group dedicated to developing advanced transport modeling systems. Dr. Pendyala’s expertise lies in the study of sustainable mobility management strategies and analysis of public transportation systems needed to forecast use patterns that may emerge with the advent of autonomous-automated-connected vehicles and the growing use of mobility-as-a-service. His work includes a project with the Maricopa Association of Governments that addresses transportation planning for the Greater Phoenix metropolitan area.

These are some topics he can cover: --What advantages will autonomous cars bring to our transportation system? --What’s the biggest technical hurdle to launching self-driving fleets? --Automakers complain that federal requirements for brake pedals and steering wheels are limiting the industry. Can you explain that? --What are "connected vehicle technologies" and how large a role will they play in a an autonomous transportation system? --What, if any, modifications will be needed in our overall transportation system as driverless vehicles become more prevalent?

Reach Dr. Pendyala at: [email protected] 480-297-8724