Expert: Tim Takaro, MD, MPH, MS, member of the ATS Environmental Health Policy Committee and noted expert on the health effects of environmental problems like air pollution.

On Tuesday, the US Supreme Court issued its decision to stay implementation of the EPA’s clean power plan. Tim Takaro, MD, believes the court’s decision is a missed opportunity to immediately impact the lives of Americans:

“While today's decision does not predispose the outcome of the federal courts review of the clean power plan, the stay adds harmful delay to our urgent need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reap the clean air co-benefits that are also part of the clean power plan.”

Key Messages:• Studies have shown adverse health effects attributed to climate change including worsening of asthma due to ozone and other pollutants, and longer and more severe allergy seasons• A survey of ATS members on climate change found that a majority of members believe that climate change is real and is having a negative impact on the health of their patients.• Coal-fired power plants produce harmful pollutants and contribute to warmer temperatures from climate change that will further increase production of ozone and particulate matter.

“As a party to the underlying court case, the ATS looks forward to making a compelling case for why implementation of the clean power plan is central to improving human health and to mitigating the serious hazards of global climate change,” added Dr. Takaro.

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