Newswise — WASHINGTON, D.C.- January, 14, 2019- B-Line Medical, an industry leader in video-driven healthcare education and outcome improvement, is pleased to announce their support and alliance with the Patient Safety Movement Foundation and their mission to eliminate preventable deaths by 2020 (0X2020).

For over 14 years, B-Line Medical has provided a learning management solution for healthcare education, created to improve the quality of healthcare training and patient safety.  Hospitals such as Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia have all adopted SimCapture and LiveCapture in a variety of environments, including trauma bays, intensive care units, neonatal resuscitation bays, interventional radiology labs, and operating rooms.  Hospitals worldwide have seen years of positive and compelling results by leveraging B-Line Medical’s video and data capturing platform to help healthcare professionals improve their skills, knowledge of best practices, and their ability to work as teams within larger healthcare systems to provide the best care to patients as possible.

In creating an alliance with the Patient Safety Movement Foundation, B-Line Medical will demonstrate a number of commitments to show their support. B-Line Medical will spread the mission of 0X2020 to their members and partners, participate in the PSMF’s Actionable Patient Safety Solutions (APSS) workgroups to develop a simulation plan for select APSS, disseminate APSS within their community, ask top hospitals connected with B-Line Medical to implement APSS, and make formal commitment through the PSMF to improve patient safety. Lastly, B-Line Medical will engage and share progress with the PSMF regarding their initiatives while integrating best practices into the training of affiliated healthcare system partners where appropriate and supported by the healthcare system partner’s needs.

"The Patient Safety Movement Foundation (PSMF) team is very excited to welcome B-Line Medical as the third simulation partner to join our network. B-Line Medical has agreed to help the PSMF develop a simulation plan for select Actionable Patient Safety Solutions (APSS) challenges in order to improve the quality of care through video-driven solutions. We look forward to working closely with B-Line Medical to help eliminate preventable deaths together."

“B-Line Medical is built around the concept of video-driven improvement and we recognize that there is no more important issue today in healthcare than improving patient safety,” says Co-Founder and CEO of B-Line Medical, Chafic Kazoun.  “We feel strongly that our SimCapture and LiveCapture products can serve as a critical framework for quantifying improvement in healthcare education and significantly further the Patient Safety Movement Foundation mission.”

Founded in 2005, B-Line Medical is exclusively dedicated to offering solutions that help healthcare professionals and educators improve the delivery of healthcare and enhance quality of care.  Focused on the capture, debriefing, and assessment of healthcare training and clinical events, B-Line Medical’s robust, yet easy-to-use web-based solutions are in use at over 500 institutions in 35 countries.

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