Newswise — As summer break winds down for schools around the country, K-12 students and educators are beginning to return to classrooms and plan for the upcoming school year. CU Boulder experts can speak with media about Colorado’s new science standards, the benefits of full-day pre-kindergarten, support for educators and partnerships between educators and researchers.

Colorado’s new science standards: Erin Furtak, professor of education, can comment on the state’s new science standards, based on Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Furtak has partnered with a local school district since 2014 to better understand how teachers support student learning in middle and high school classrooms implementing NGSS lessons. Furtak also serves on a Board on Science Education committee for the National Academies of Sciences.

Full-day versus half-day pre-kindergarten: Allison Atteberry is assistant professor of education in research and evaluation methodology. Her recent study of full-day versus half-day pre-kindergarten found that full-day participants outperformed their half-day peers on measures of cognition, literacy, vocabulary, math and physical development. 

Support for educators: School of Education Dean Kathy Schultz can speak about support for educators amid teacher-led walkouts at state and national levels. She is currently working on a book focused on the role of distrust in educational reform, and she can address trust in education and how to support teachers to enter and remain in the

Educators’ use of education research: A new report from the National Center for Research in Policy and Practice, based at CU Boulder, explores what happens when educators and researchers work together in partnerships to address key issues. The study found three-quarters of educators reported that they have become better at using research to inform their work. The study also details the conditions for starting and maintaining successful partnerships, strategies for overcoming challenges and more. Caitlin Farrell and Kristen Davidson are available for interviews on the center’s report.

Andrew Sorensen, CU Boulder media relations