Beyond the Exchanges: Assessing the ACA’s Impact

How the Act will affect insurers, health care providers, employers and consumers

Newswise — While much of the nation’s attention was focused on the rocky implementation of state and federal insurance exchanges, Networks Financial Institute at Indiana State University convened some of the most influential thought leaders on health care policy to broadly assess the impact of the historic Affordable Care Act (ACA).

During “The Big Bang for the Affordable Care Act: The End of Health Care Financing as We Know It?” forum, policymakers, researchers and Massachusetts Institute of Technology Professor of Economics Jonathan Gruber – a key adviser to the Obama administration during development of the ACA – examined how the Act will impact insurers, health care providers, employers and consumers.

Gruber’s policy brief on “The Past, Present and Future of U.S. Health Care” is available online at and an audio file of his keynote address may be downloaded at

Beyond his role working with the Obama administration to develop the ACA, Gruber’s policy brief remarks on the ACA’s forerunner, the Massachusetts Health Care Reform Plan, adopted in 2006. The brief discusses the fundamental challenges of health care reform and explains how the ACA has approached potential problems, especially improving access to health care, improving affordability and avoiding an increase in the federal budget deficit.

Additional online resources available from the conference include the following policy briefs available at :

• “How Obamacare will Reshape the Practice of Medicine,” Scott Gottlieb, M.D., Resident Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute

• “Obamacare: Rocky Politics, Stable Coverage,” David Kendall, Senior Fellow for Health and Fiscal Policy at Third Way

A summary of the conference in its entirety is available at

Located within the Scott College of Business at Indiana State University, Networks Financial Institute has invested more than $32 million in research to address insurance regulatory and policy issues over the past decade. “The breadth and scope of the insurance industry is interconnected with virtually every facet of the economy,” said John Tatom, research scholar at Networks Financial Institute. “From historic natural disasters and acts of terrorism, to the 2008 economic meltdown which ushered in sweeping regulatory changes, insurers have witnessed unprecedented change. Amid all of these changes, the ACA is likely to have the most resounding impact throughout the economy,” Tatom said.

Networks Financial Institute at Indiana State University was founded in 2003 with a grant from Lilly Endowment, Inc. The non-profit organization strives to facilitate a more effective national and international financial services marketplace through student programs, financial literacy and thought leadership surrounding industry issues. Networks Financial Institute is headquartered in the Scott College of Business, on the campus of Indiana State University in Terre Haute, Indiana. For more information about Networks Financial Institute, visit

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