Newswise — At 5 liters per average human, blood is one of the most abundant tissues in the body. High quality analysis of blood aids with diagnosis, treatment, and research methods. An important area in the market right now is DNA extraction in which blood is the prime sample. Introducing a revolutionary tool in therapeutic and genomic research, BioChain’s CEO Grace Tian is pleased to launch the vamPure Blood Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit. This highly validated product is designed to get the highest yield of genomic DNA from either fresh or frozen blood samples.

“This kit is designed for rapid and efficient purification of genomic DNA from blood,” Tian stated. The proprietary silica-coated paramagnetic bead technology allows researchers to obtain higher yields with optimal purity. Having a short and scalable protocol makes processing the sample efficient with minimal waste produced. The chief officer foresees the versatility of the kit being able to adapt to automated systems to the point of allowing researchers to process hundreds of samples per day.

Obtaining and amplifying genomic DNA from blood allows access to a patient’s genetic profile such as by constructing a genomic library using non-invasive methods. The DNA may then be used for various downstream applications, such as Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), polymerase chain reaction (PCR), and chromosomal copy-number variation (CNV) research methodologies. The DNA obtained from blood is also useful in pharmacogenomics which looks at how one’s genetic makeup can affect drug response in diseased states.

The future of genetic research and pharmacogenomics requires cost-effective scalable techniques that support automation without sacrificing speed or quality. BioChain’s easy-to-use protocol and competitive yield provide the perfect product.

This kit is intended for research use only. Further information is available at


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