Over 8.2 million people die of cancer worldwide each year, and an estimated 23 million new cases annually will occur worldwide by 2030. This is a reality that has left researchers searching for a simple, safe, and cost effective way to detect cancer in its earliest stages. The new developing field of Liquid Biopsy, which allows scientists to screen for dozens of cancers from a single blood sample, hopes to be that answer. Representing a leap forward in cancer research, BioChain Institute, Inc. and Chief Executive Officer Grace Tian are launching the cfPure MAX Cell Free DNA Extraction Kit, a product designed to extract cell free DNA from plasma samples. “This kit is designed for rapid and efficient purification of circulating cell free DNA,” Tian stated. “The use of our silica-coated paramagnetic bead technology allows researchers to quickly isolate cfDNA from plasma allowing for users to process hundreds of samples a day. To develop an effective liquid biopsy based screening test, thousands of samples must be screened and this kit will expedite that process." Cell free DNA, or cfDNA, is a short fragment of DNA that is released by dying cells (including tumor cells) into body fluids (e.g. blood, urine, cerebrospinal fluid, etc). The importance of cfDNA in liquid biopsy is that it can be analyzed to look for mutations that are associated with cancer. In addition, because cfDNA is found within the body fluids of patients with early stages of certain cancers, BioChain’s product would mean a noninvasive and highly accessible way to detect these cancers. Tian adds, “A small amount of total cfDNA in plasma is circulating tumor DNA, and detecting this small fraction is the key to discovering cancer at its earliest stages when survival rates are high. To detect the small amount of tumor DNA it can take relatively large amounts of plasma. The cfPure Max cfDNA Extraction Kit was optimized and structured to rapidly process these large volume samples.” This kit is intended for research use only. The future in cancer treatment relies on speed and accessibility of detection methods for people regardless of where or how they live -- BioChain’s new kit is a welcome step in the right direction. Further information is available at https://www.biochain.com/product/cfpure-max-cell-free-dna-extraction-kit/.

About BioChain:   BioChain is the world leader in high quality processed bio-sample products and analysis services used in advancing translational medicine, companion diagnostics, and clinical product research and development. BioChain’s products are available for DNA and RNA sequencing, PCR and RT-PCR, gene expression analysis, liquid biopsy, DNA and RNA purification, protein extraction and purification, and protein expression analysis. BioChain’s One-Stop Services for Next Generation Sequencing, from clinical sample collection, sample preparation, sequencing to bioinformatics analysis, will revolutionize the industry.