Research Alert

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is recognized as a public health problem, affecting more than 15% of the population. Although CKD can drastically impair health, it is rarely diagnosed early due to its silent revelation. Identifying and proposing treatments to attenuate CKD progression can be an essential tool to increase life quality and expectancy. In this study, resistance training with and without blood-flow restriction seemed to benefit CKD-related problems and could be an important non-pharmacological treatment. Nonetheless, the effect of resistance training on CKD progression and the molecular biomarkers related to it remain unknown. This study applied six months of resistance training with and without blood flow restriction in stage 2 CKD patients. Researchers found that both training therapies attenuate the decline of kidney function, probably due to the improvement of inflammation and kidney integrity biomarkers. Authors suggest that resistance training with and without blood-flow restriction should be promoted to prevent the decline of kidney function and CKD- related issues.

Journal Link: Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, Feb-2021