Busting the Gender-Bias Myths Surrounding Men’s Health 

Newswise — Did you know that men account for four out of five deaths by suicide in Canada[1]? Or that one in twenty boys will experience sexual abuse[2]? Issues such as mental health, fertility, and life expectancy all affect men differently than they affect women. CIHR has invested over $15 million in boys’ and men’s health since 2007, including $11.7 million on team grants. In order to improve health treatments and policies in Canada, it is vital that we consider gender differences.

CIHR-funded researchers are available to answer your questions on boys’ and men’s health:

  • Dr. Janice Bailey is available to discuss men’s fertility, and the effects of environmental contaminants that can be passed on from father to child.
  • Dr. Christine Wekerle can speak about promoting resilience in male youth with sexual violence experience including sexual abuse, sexual coercion and unwanted sexting.
  • Dr. Phyllis Zelkowitz can speak about improving men’s knowledge of male infertility, particularly through the development of a new app.

To book an interview, please contact:

David Coulombe

Media Relations

Canadian Institutes of Health Research




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[1] Public Health Agency of Canada

[2] McCreary Centre Society

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