Newswise — Virginia Tech offers several interview opportunities with experts in wildfires, smoke and the impacts on health, resources for optimal disaster response, along with disaster resilience and disaster recovery. 

Our on-campus broadcast studio is able to connect radio and television via ISDN, Comrex Access, LTN video or Skype. 

Adam Coates - Research and expertise focuses on topics such as restoration ecology, fuels, fire behavior, silviculture, soils, wildlife habitat, and water quality.

Klaus Moeltner – An expert in environmental economics who has studied wildfires extensively, points out that smoke from these fires travels hundreds of miles and has a serious impact on the health of people who live downwind.

Chris Zobel – When disaster strikes, every second is critical.  Dr. Zobel uses data to help the Red Cross pre-position resources for optimal disaster response. 

Yang Zhang – An expert in disaster resilience and disaster recovery, Dr. Zhang is able to discuss natural hazards mitigation, post-disaster recovery, and community resilience.

Schedule an interview To schedule an interview, contact Bill Foy in the Virginia Tech Media Relations office at 540-998-0288.