Newswise — SACRAMENTO, Calif., January 6, 2021 – Leaders from eight California foundations  applaud Governor Gavin Newsom’s release of the Master Plan for Aging (Master  Plan), outlining a visionary, 10-year blueprint that seeks to build an equitable California  where everyone has the opportunity to age with dignity and independence in the place  that they call home. With California’s rapidly aging population, the Master Plan delivers a comprehensive framework for public and private entities at the state, regional, and  local levels to address system issues and transform services across health care,  housing, community supports, and transportation, among others. 

Philanthropic partnership was essential to support the Master Plan’s timely development  and release, particularly in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis facing California. These eight contributing foundations lauded the governor’s leadership and expressed their  support for the plan’s release. Below are statements from the leadership representing  the founding partners in 2019, as well as those that joined the effort in 2020. 

Founding partners in 2019: 

Sarita A. Mohanty, MD, MPH, MBA, President and CEO, The SCAN Foundation “Today, we celebrate California’s release of the Master Plan for Aging—a critical  roadmap to transform services for older adults and families in ways that preserve dignity  and encourage independence. Governor Newsom’s visionary leadership to call for and  produce this Master Plan is even more vital given the COVID-19 crisis and renewed  charge to meet the needs of California’s diverse aging population.” 

Shelley Lyford, President and CEO, Gary & Mary West Foundation “The Master Plan for Aging is a big and bold investment in the lives of seniors and in  California’s future. Its development has been a truly successful public-private  partnership that we believe, when implemented, will enable successful aging for our  state’s seniors and lead to a more inclusive age- and disability-friendly California.” 

Christopher A. Langston, PhD, President and CEO, Archstone Foundation “Archstone Foundation’s mission is to improve the health and well-being of older  Californians and their caregivers. We believe that the Master Plan is essential to  reaching this goal and achieving a more just society that supports its members  throughout the entire lifespan. With our many partners, we look forward to supporting  the process of change.” 

Janet Y. Spears, CEO, Metta Fund 

“In this time of urgent need, the Master Plan provides a critical template for a better life  for all Californians, not only for our older generations – but for all of us – to age in  dignity and justice.”

Mark Stuart, CFRE, President and CEO, The San Diego Foundation “We commend California’s leaders for coming together to create more equitable and  inclusive communities that meet the needs of our aging population. By implementing  policies and programs that address these shifting demographics, we can better utilize  the talents and energy of our older adults and build thriving communities for all  Californians.” 

New partners in 2020: 

Richard S. Ziman, Trustee and CEO, The Rosalinde and Arthur Gilbert Foundation “The Rosalinde and Arthur Gilbert Foundation invests in Alzheimer’s disease and  caregiving research, services innovation, and policy change. The Master Plan for Aging  will provide a highly anticipated and much needed roadmap for aligning our grantmaking  with the needs of California’s older adults in concert with our partners in the public and  private sectors.” 

William Smith, CEO, May & Stanley Smith Charitable Trust 

“The May & Stanley Smith Charitable Trust – which supports programs for older adults  that enrich quality of life, promote self-sufficiency, and assist in achieving their highest  potential – is proud to partner in this effort. Our hope is the Master Plan for Aging will  increase innovative solutions to isolation and loneliness, create added supports for  California’s care economy and family caregivers, and create affordability and  opportunities for self-determination that allow older adults to safely age in community  while continuing to focus on ways to maximize safety and quality of care received in  long-term care settings.” 

Edward B. Kacic, President, Irvine Health Foundation 

“Irvine Health Foundation (IHF) is proud to represent Orange County’s enthusiasm for  and deep commitment to vibrant, healthy, and engaged longevity for our older adults.  We believe the Master Plan for Aging is a vital catalyst for achieving our ambition of  offering everyone access to health resources and care, including the maximization of  technology to break down barriers and toward realizing the goal of an age-friendly state.  As the third largest county and a center of technology and health innovation in  California, IHF is relaying the voice of Orange County older adults through this urgent  state-wide effort.” 

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