Lawyer Monthly: What has the impact been on families and caregivers with homeschooling children with special needs? 

Peters: COVID-19 has been a disaster for all  students. However, for special needs  students and their families, it has been devastating. Exacerbated by the  fact experts knew and Federal Law had safeguards in place in the event  something catastrophic ever took place, yet they still failed to follow through with  those safeguards. Federal Law dictated  and the Californian Governor mirrored  that law that these children need a  variety of services from trained experts  just to be able to keep making progress and be able to benifit from their education. When they were  sent home to virtual distance learning,  they lost their access to those services  and the experts who provided them. Instead, districts expected parents who never had training in things like providing  speech and language services, physical  therapy service and occupational therapy services, to keep these children moving  forward. They couldn’t, not only did they  not have the training, but they lacked the  equipment; some had jobs they couldn’t  abandon, some had multiple children  each of whom needed full-time attention to be able to learn. Because of this,  these students not only stopped making  progress, but they also began to regress..

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