WHO: American University School of International Service Experts

WHAT: West – Russia Summit on Ukraine

WHEN: February 10 - ongoing

WHERE: American University, in-studio, via telephone

Contact: J. Paul Johnson, American University Communications at 202-885-5943 or via e-mail at [email protected].

BACKGROUND: France’s President Hollande and Germany’s Chancellor Merkel will seek a diplomatic solution on behalf of NATO countries with Russia’s Vladimir Putin at a summit to take place in Minsk on Wednesday in an effort to de-escalate the Ukraine crisis. The summit may be the last chance to resuscitate the peace agreement between the Ukrainian government and pro-Russian rebels before hawkish critics move ahead with their own efforts to escalate the crisis with harsher sanctions and calls for NATO to arm Ukraine.

American University School of International Service experts below are available to discuss the Ukraine crisis including the benefits and drawbacks of various proposals on how to bring the Ukraine crisis under control.

Keith Darden, School of International Service associate professor, is an expert on the politics of Russia, Ukraine and Eurasia. Darden is actively engaged with Russia and Eurasia through the Bilateral Working Group on US-Russia Relations, PONARS Eurasia, the Valdai Discussion Club. Darden recently answered three questions on the current crisis. Darden is available to discuss the consequences of the West arming Ukraine, what a new peace deal could look like, and what efforts need to be taken in Ukraine to address its faltering economy as well as reforms to its political system.Benjamin Jensen, School of International Service scholar in residence and assistant professor at the Marine Corps University, Command and Staff College, studies future warfighting concepts and competitive strategies in the U.S. defense and intelligence communities. Jensen is the author of the forthcoming book, Forging the Sword: U.S. Army Doctrine, 1975-2010. Jensen is available to discuss his recent US News & World Report op-ed explaining why the West needs to arm Ukraine in addition to sanctions in what he calls escalating in order to de-escalate.

James Goldgeier, dean School of International Service, expertise includes contemporary international relations, American foreign policy, U.S.-Russia relations, the European Union, transatlantic security and NATO. Goldgeier is available to discuss NATO options, the U.S. foreign policy climate, and the consequences for U.S.-Russia relations for providing arms to Ukraine.

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