Newswise — Some things defy all odds. 

It was nearly 45 years ago when Canisius College alumnus (Ret.) Lt. Col. James McNicholas lost his class ring somewhere outside his home in El Paso, TX, where he was stationed with the U.S. Army. 

Despite a determined search of his yard, the ring never turned up.  Until recently. 

Last month, the Buffalo, NY native received a phone call from a woman in El Paso, TX, indicating she had found his class ring. 

According to Viridiana Nunez, her parents actually uncovered the ring in the early 1990s, while having yardwork done to the home they were renting in El Paso; the same home in which McNicholas lived almost 20 years earlier. 

Nunez’ parents had no way of finding the ring’s rightful owner so many years ago but her mother still held onto the ring.  The couple recently showed the ring to Viridiana and her sister, during the sister’s graduation party.  When the daughters’ saw Jim McNicholas’ name inscribed on the inside, they started their search to find him and return his ring. 

It took only a few days before that class ring, which McNicholas purchased to mark his 1968 graduation from Canisius, was back on his hand. 

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The story was featured in Buffalo's local daily newspaper, The Buffalo News.  The link is below.

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