Newswise — Case Western Reserve University launched its Coleman P. Burke Center for Environmental Law this fall. Its director Jonathan Adler has single charge: creating a curriculum that trains the next generation of environmental law experts.

Adler, one the country’s most innovative and frequently cited environmental law scholars, will serve as the center’s director.

“Today’s environmental problems require a willingness to work outside and across disciplinary boundaries,” Adler said. “It is our hope that this center will foster productive dialogue and analysis of these issues and prepare a new generation of environmental lawyers.”

Northeast Ohio is no stranger to environmental issues. It’s also where a lot of environmental questions and concerns come together. That includes taking care of the Great Lakes, addressing water quality issues and dealing with the legacies of formerly industrialized areas. 

The Burke Center’s first major event took place this fall, hosting EPA Director Andrew Wheeler and a symposium centered on the upcoming 50th anniversary of the founding of Environmental Protection Agency in 1970.

To get in touch with Adler, contact Colin McEwen at [email protected].