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Newswise: Apps show promise to help heavy drinkers age 21-25 cut back
Released: 16-Dec-2021 10:05 AM EST
Apps show promise to help heavy drinkers age 21-25 cut back
University of Florida

Smartphone apps to track blood alcohol abound, but until now had little evidence to show they help manage drinking in young adults. A new University of Florida study shows that heavy drinkers age 21-25 who weren’t trying to cut back on alcohol reduced their drinking by four and a half drinks per week while using the apps — nearly one drink less on each day they imbibed.

Released: 3-Dec-2021 2:20 PM EST
Hackensack Meridian Health Partners with CLEAR to Empower Patients With Digital Proof of COVID-19 Vaccination
Hackensack Meridian Health

Hackensack Meridian Health, New Jersey’s largest and most comprehensive health network, today announced a partnership with CLEAR (NYSE: YOU), the secure identity company, to empower patients with a digital proof of their COVID-19 vaccination records. Patients vaccinated at Hackensack Meridian Health can now use the free CLEAR app and digital vaccine card feature - replacing their fragile paper card with a verified digital version that can be used anywhere and anytime needed.

Newswise: Serious mental illness? There’s an app for that
Released: 16-Nov-2021 8:35 AM EST
Serious mental illness? There’s an app for that
University of Washington School of Medicine

Researchers created a smartphone app with daily game-like exercises to help people with a serious mental illness (bipolar, schizophrenia, major depression) reassess their beliefs. The app was tested among 315 people in 45 states recruited through online ads on Google and Facebook in 2020.

Released: 10-Nov-2021 8:05 AM EST
Apps On Your Phone Can Improve Caregiver Mental Health
Rutgers University-New Brunswick

Those who care for older adults suffering with memory loss and other cognitive impairments can significantly reduce their depression, stress, and anxiety by focusing on what is going on at the moment and engaging in mindfulness therapy, according to new Rutgers research.

Newswise: NUS researchers develop world’s first smart bandage that detects multiple biomarkers for onsite chronic wound monitoring
Released: 21-Oct-2021 8:50 AM EDT
NUS researchers develop world’s first smart bandage that detects multiple biomarkers for onsite chronic wound monitoring
National University of Singapore (NUS)

A research team led by the National University of Singapore has developed a smart wearable sensor that can conduct real-time, point-of-care assessment of chronic wounds wirelessly via an app. A world’s first, the novel sensor technology can detect temperature, pH, bacteria type and inflammatory factors specific to chronic wounds within 15 minutes, hence enabling fast and accurate wound assessment.

Released: 19-Oct-2021 11:50 AM EDT
Illness-and death-related messages found to be significant motivators for exercise
University of Waterloo

Fitness apps that emphasize illness- or death-related messaging are more likely to be effective in motivating participation than are social stigma, obesity, or financial cost messaging, according to a recent study.

Newswise: A mobile app could save lives in India
Released: 14-Oct-2021 8:35 AM EDT
A mobile app could save lives in India
University of Portsmouth

A mobile app could help turn the tide of a rise in breast cancer in women as young as 30 in India, according to new research.

Released: 30-Sep-2021 12:40 PM EDT
Rutgers Medical Student Creates App to Help Trans Patients Find Gender-Affirming Healthcare Providers
Rutgers University-New Brunswick

In the quest to advance a more inclusive healthcare system and fostering innovation among its students, Rutgers is supporting the creation of an app called TranZap to serve as a health care resource guide for trans individuals to help them connect with gender-affirming healthcare providers and to equip them to make better and informed decisions about who they see for their medical needs.

Released: 27-Sep-2021 8:00 AM EDT
Smartphone Sensor Data Has Potential to Detect Cannabis Intoxication
Institute for Health, Health Care Policy and Aging Research at Rutgers University

New report published in Drug and Alcohol Dependence demonstrates how phone sensor data, such as GPS, can be used to detect cannabis intoxication in young adults.

Released: 21-Sep-2021 10:25 AM EDT
Study Shows Use of Smartphone App Associated with Lower Hospital Readmission Rates for Heart Attack Survivors
Johns Hopkins Medicine

Data collected from a group of 200 heart attack survivors using a smartphone app designed to navigate the recovery process, such as medication management and lifestyle changes, showed that app users experienced hospital readmission within the first 30 days of discharge at half the rate of a comparable group given standard aftercare without the app.

Released: 20-Sep-2021 10:35 AM EDT
Augmented reality helps tackle fear of spiders
University of Basel

Researchers from the University of Basel have developed an augmented reality app for smartphones in order to help people reduce their fear of spiders.

Released: 9-Sep-2021 9:00 AM EDT
Unbound Medicine Launches Upgrade to Study System Using Artificial Intelligence
Unbound Medicine

Unbound Medicine announced an upgrade to Grasp, their personal mobile study system. This latest version utilizes Unbound Intelligence, exclusive artificial intelligence and machine learning tools developed to help clinicians discover and fill knowledge gaps, as well as keep up to date with research.

Released: 7-Sep-2021 8:05 AM EDT
Mount Sinai Health System Launches Comprehensive Mobile App for Patients
Mount Sinai Health System

New features include upload for COVID-19 vaccination proof and hospital navigation

Released: 19-Aug-2021 3:00 PM EDT
VIDEO AND TRANSCRIPT AVAILABLE: Breakthrough Cases and COVID Boosters: Live Expert Panel for August 18, 2021

Expert Q&A: Do breakthrough cases mean we will soon need COVID boosters? The extremely contagious Delta variant continues to spread, prompting mask mandates, proof of vaccination, and other measures. Media invited to ask the experts about these and related topics.

Released: 18-Aug-2021 11:05 AM EDT
School Can be Scary in a Pandemic: Johns Hopkins Team Created App to Help Teachers Know How Kids are Feeling
 Johns Hopkins University

Two Johns Hopkins University researchers who study classroom stress and the emotional well-being of students and teachers have released an app that allows teachers to get daily reports about how their students are feeling. Though the tool wasn’t created for the pandemic, it certainly has come in handy over the last year as educators struggle to keep tabs on students, especially if they’re teaching remotely.

Released: 16-Aug-2021 10:55 AM EDT
Mount Sinai Launches Mobile App to Optimize Care for Heart Attack Patients
Mount Sinai Health System

Unique technology enhances outcomes during life-threatening emergencies

Released: 26-Jul-2021 10:05 AM EDT
Mobile Apps Can Help Those Suffering From Hypertension, Improve Communication Between Patients and Providers
Binghamton University, State University of New York

The use of physician-monitored mobile apps for tracking blood pressure can help curb the effects of chronic hypertension and improve communication between patients and providers, according to new research from Binghamton University, State University of New York.

Released: 14-Jul-2021 4:45 PM EDT
How Does The World Use Emojis?
University of Southern California (USC)

Before Millennials were over laugh-cry emojis, they were the most used emojis across the world, according to researchers at USC.

14-Jul-2021 9:30 AM EDT
Encrypting photos on the cloud to keep them private
Columbia University School of Engineering and Applied Science

A new study from computer scientists at Columbia Engineering reveals what may be the first way to encrypt personal images on popular cloud photo services, such as those from Google, Apple, Flickr and others, all without requiring any changes to — or trust in — those services.

Released: 8-Jul-2021 3:00 PM EDT
From Satellite to Smartphone, App Warns Public of Unsafe Water
University of Rhode Island

University of Rhode Island College of Engineering Professor Ali Shafqat Akanda and a team of researchers have developed an application for smartphones called CholeraMap to serve as an early warning device for cholera.