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Released: 2-Jan-2024 2:05 PM EST
Continuous glucose monitoring

Monitoring glucose levels is one of the key elements in health monitoring. A research team has now developed a battery-independent fluorescent nanosensor based on single-wall carbon nanotubes and an inactive form of the enzyme glucose oxidase (GOx).

Newswise:Video Embedded live-event-for-april-21-sleeping-pill-reduces-levels-of-alzheimer-s-proteins
Released: 21-Apr-2023 3:10 PM EDT
TRANSCRIPT AND VIDEO AVAILABLE Live Event for April 21: Sleeping pill reduces levels of Alzheimer’s proteins

Researcher will discuss the study which involved a sleeping aid known as suvorexant that is already approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for insomnia, hints at the potential of sleep medications to slow or stop the progression of Alzheimer’s disease.

Released: 19-Aug-2021 3:00 PM EDT
VIDEO AND TRANSCRIPT AVAILABLE: Breakthrough Cases and COVID Boosters: Live Expert Panel for August 18, 2021

Expert Q&A: Do breakthrough cases mean we will soon need COVID boosters? The extremely contagious Delta variant continues to spread, prompting mask mandates, proof of vaccination, and other measures. Media invited to ask the experts about these and related topics.

8-Nov-2017 8:55 AM EST
Closing the Rural Health Gap: Media Update from RWJF and Partners on Rural Health Disparities

Rural counties continue to rank lowest among counties across the U.S., in terms of health outcomes. A group of national organizations including the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the National 4-H Council are leading the way to close the rural health gap.

Released: 7-Jul-2015 3:05 PM EDT
Euro-Free Greece: Hyper-Inflation, Shrinking Real Wages and Demand, and Unemployment
University of Michigan

A Euro-free Greece looks more likely to be quickly engulfed by a vicious spiral of a rapidly depreciating new-drachma, hyper-inflation, shrinking real wages and demand, and unemployment; drachma depreciation and hyper-inflation would certainly benefit Greek debtors (in so far as the Greek government unilaterally converted its Euro liabilities in the new drachma at convenient terms): debasing the currency to wipe out debts is after all one of the oldest tricks in a government's sleeves.

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