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Released: 30-Mar-2020 8:45 AM EDT
'Evidence-based national direction’ still largely lacking in federal coronavirus response, government policy expert says
Virginia Tech

When it comes to mitigating the effects of COVID-19 in America, President Trump has made his opinion clear: states need to do more. The problem? Many governors have said they either don’t completely agree with that approach or outright think the opposite. What’s the right approach? Probably somewhere in between, according to Virginia Tech political scientist Karen Hult.

Newswise: Claiming the Director’s Chair
Released: 27-Mar-2020 3:40 PM EDT
Claiming the Director’s Chair
California State University (CSU) Chancellor's Office

The CSU is preparing the next generation of women filmmakers for California’s multibillion-dollar entertainment industry.

Newswise: BenDodds_web.jpg
Released: 26-Mar-2020 1:00 PM EDT
FSU professor available to comment on the Black Death and its lessons for COVID-19
Florida State University

By: Bill Wellock | Published: March 26, 2020 | 10:58 am | SHARE: The Black Death looms large in the history of infectious disease.The pandemic — an outbreak of bubonic plague which was probably spread predominantly by rats and fleas — struck Italy in 1347. Recent evidence on mortality suggests that in just a few years, the disease killed around 60 percent of the population in Europe, the part of the world from which historians have the most information.

Newswise: Fossil Finds Give Clues about Flying, Spike-toothed Reptiles in the Sahara 100 Million Years Ago
Released: 25-Mar-2020 5:05 AM EDT
Fossil Finds Give Clues about Flying, Spike-toothed Reptiles in the Sahara 100 Million Years Ago
Baylor University

Three new species of toothed pterosaurs — flying reptiles of the Cretaceous period, some 100 million years ago — have been identified in Africa by an international team of scientists led by Baylor University.

Newswise: Maize, not metal, key to native settlements’ history in NY
Released: 19-Mar-2020 12:55 PM EDT
Maize, not metal, key to native settlements’ history in NY
Cornell University

New Cornell University research is producing a more accurate historical timeline for the occupation of Native American sites in upstate New York, based on radiocarbon dating of organic materials and statistical modeling.

Released: 19-Mar-2020 10:30 AM EDT
Researchers Reveal Secret of 18th-Century Portrait From Russia’s Tretyakov Gallery
Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT)

Russian researchers from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Kurnakov Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry of RAS, and Russia’s famed Tretyakov Gallery have conducted a comprehensive preconservation study of “The Portrait of F.P. Makerovsky in a Masquerade Costume” (1789) by the Russian painter Dmitry Levitsky. The paper was published in the journal Heritage Science.

Released: 18-Mar-2020 2:30 PM EDT
Fine-tuning radiocarbon dating could ‘rewrite’ ancient events
Cornell University

A new paper led by Cornell University points out the need for an important new refinement to the technique. The outcomes of his study, published March 18 in Science Advances, have relevance for understanding key dates in Mediterranean history and prehistory, including the tomb of Tutankhamen and a controversial but important volcanic eruption on the Greek island of Santorini.

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