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Released: 29-Aug-2022 8:05 AM EDT
Pop Warner: A ‘creative genius’ and innovator of football
University of Georgia

The football programs at the University of Georgia and Iowa State University don’t share a lot in common. They’ve never played each other in the 130 years since they each started formal football programs in 1892. Their campuses in Athens, Georgia, and Ames, Iowa, are separated by 800 miles. They don’t even compete in the same recruiting pool for players. Yet in 1895, Georgia and what was then called Iowa Agricultural College and Model Farm shared the same first-time head football coach – Glenn Scobey “Pop” Warner.

Released: 23-Aug-2022 12:00 PM EDT
Transforming Data to Solve Community Problems
Iowa State University

This summer, Iowa State University students worked on projects addressing local and state government challenges across Iowa, including employment for people with disabilities, analyzing local housing needs, wholesale local food price benchmarking and more.

Newswise: Building Trust and Protecting Data to Support Kids in Iowa
Released: 11-Jul-2022 1:05 PM EDT
Building Trust and Protecting Data to Support Kids in Iowa
Iowa State University

ISU faculty, seven state departments and Head Start programs in Iowa created I2D2, a highly-secure, cross-program data-sharing system, to better serve young children and their families. The collaboration has produced several success stories and recently garnered national attention as a model that can benefit other states and municipalities.

Newswise: Iowa State Students Provide Landscape Expertise in Proposed Mississippi River Bridge Project
Released: 8-Jul-2022 1:10 PM EDT
Iowa State Students Provide Landscape Expertise in Proposed Mississippi River Bridge Project
Iowa State University

Iowa State University landscape architecture students are involved in what could one day be the longest wildlife bridge in the world: a proposed multi-use bison crossing and public viewing area over the Mississippi River.

Newswise: Veterinarians investigating unusual bacterial disease in central Iowa pigs
Released: 8-Mar-2022 11:30 AM EST
Veterinarians investigating unusual bacterial disease in central Iowa pigs
Iowa State University

Iowa State University veterinarians are sleuthing out all possible avenues that could have contributed to the spread of a bacterial strain among central Iowa pork production facilities. The veterinarians are sequencing the genome of the bacteria, called Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae, and developing protocols to contain it.

Newswise: New ISU research project will help aging population in rural Iowa
Released: 21-Feb-2022 2:50 PM EST
New ISU research project will help aging population in rural Iowa
Iowa State University

Rather than nursing homes being the default living option as people age, an Iowa State University researcher is looking for ways to improve homes so that people can more easily “age in place.”

Newswise: Mosquito surveillance program finds invasive species taking root in three Iowa counties
Released: 10-Feb-2022 10:30 AM EST
Mosquito surveillance program finds invasive species taking root in three Iowa counties
Iowa State University

An invasive species of mosquito has established itself in three Iowa counties, according to data from Iowa State University entomologists. The species is capable of transmitting disease, but ISU experts said the species’ arrival is no cause for alarm.

Newswise: Iowa State takes innovation program around the world
Released: 18-Jan-2022 1:30 PM EST
Iowa State takes innovation program around the world
Iowa State University

The Student Innovation Center’s Innovation Fellows Program and the Office of Admissions sought new ways to connect with prospective international students. They partnered on a new recruitment program, which engages international students in innovation education before they even step foot on campus. In December, the Innovation Fellows-in-Training program traveled to Dubai.

Released: 3-Jan-2022 10:00 AM EST
New ISU project will design 3D-printed housing for rural Iowa
Iowa State University

The Iowa Economic Development Authority awarded a $1.4 million Strategic Infrastructure Program grant to ISU's College of Design’s 3D Affordable Innovative Technologies Housing Project. The ISU team will use the funding to find faster, cheaper solutions to meet the demand for affordable housing with 3D-printed homes.

Newswise: ISU receives national recognition for supporting innovation, entrepreneurship across Iowa
Released: 16-Nov-2021 2:05 PM EST
ISU receives national recognition for supporting innovation, entrepreneurship across Iowa
Iowa State University

The Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities recognized ISU’s ongoing efforts to support small businesses and innovators across Iowa with its 2021 Innovation and Economic Prosperity Place award.

Released: 12-Oct-2021 11:15 AM EDT
Survey highlights pandemic’s effects on mental and physical health in rural Iowa
Iowa State University

Recently published survey data reveal how the pandemic has affected Iowa’s rural communities differently. The survey, led by an Iowa State University rural sociologist, asked thousands of Iowans to gauge how the pandemic has impacted their physical and mental health.

Newswise: Smiths establish $4 million fund for Cornell College's Ingenuity curriculum
Released: 15-Sep-2021 1:20 PM EDT
Smiths establish $4 million fund for Cornell College's Ingenuity curriculum
Cornell College

John Smith '71 & honorary aluma Dyan Smith have established a fund for Cornell College's new Ingenuity curriculum, which prepares students for life after Cornell by giving them experiences outside the classroom.

Released: 28-Apr-2021 2:10 PM EDT
Iowa State, city of Ames partner to reduce nutrient runoff, improve recreation
Iowa State University

A partnership with the city of Ames is giving Iowa State University students an opportunity to propose the redesign of an area of the city with the goals of reducing nutrient runoff and improving recreation.

Released: 8-Sep-2020 10:20 AM EDT
Study of ‘shrink-smart’ towns expanding to include curriculum, big data
Iowa State University

Iowa State's rural smart shrinkage project has received a three-year, $1.5 million grant from the National Science Foundation to build upon its pilot study examining whether there were towns in Iowa that have lost population but perception of quality of life has remained stable or improved.

Released: 16-Jul-2020 4:05 PM EDT
Survey of rural Iowa communities will gauge pandemic response
Iowa State University

Residents in 70 rural Iowa communities soon will receive surveys that will help to inform state and federal officials as they orchestrate the response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The survey, orchestrated by researchers at Iowa State University and the University of Iowa, will cover topics ranging from the availability of health care services to the reliability of high-speed internet to the economic stresses placed on a community by the pandemic.

Released: 15-Apr-2020 1:05 PM EDT
Researchers develop models to track, forecast COVID-19
Iowa State University

A team of Iowa State University researchers has developed a mathematical model that reveals critical characteristics about COVID-19—such as how contagious the virus is and how rapidly it spreads through populations.

Released: 12-Feb-2020 9:55 AM EST
Pursuing Ph.D., Ecuadorian immigrant works to improve lives of immigrants through policy
Iowa State University

Twenty years after leaving Ecuador during its economic crisis, Maria Alcívar-Zúñiga learned she had received a prestigious national award recognizing her leadership, academic accomplishments and community work empowering Latinx youth and families in Iowa. Next stop: finishing her dissertation at Iowa State University.

Released: 4-Feb-2020 2:40 PM EST
The U.S. Presidential Nominating Process
Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)

Every four years, U.S. presidential candidates compete in a series of state contests to gain their party’s nomination. The political process is one of the most complex and expensive in the world.

28-Jan-2020 2:30 PM EST
Stability pushes Sanders to top of ISU/Civiqs poll; caucus interest building
Iowa State University

Sen. Bernie Sanders is leading the Iowa State University/Civiqs poll for the first time in the five months of polling leading up to the Iowa caucuses. Maintaining a stable base and picking up supporters from other candidates have contributed to his surge.

Released: 27-Jan-2020 12:55 PM EST
Iowa caucus-goers rely on variety of sources to make decision
Iowa State University

Iowans have had ample opportunities to meet the Democratic presidential candidates, but likely caucus-goers say this access is not their most important source of information, according to a new Iowa State University survey.

Released: 24-Jan-2020 10:15 AM EST
Exclusive Polling: Iowa Youth Poised for Historic Caucus Turnout
Tufts University

Young people are poised for a potentially historic turnout in the upcoming Iowa caucuses, and young Democrats prefer Sen. Bernie Sanders, according to an exclusive CIRCLE-Tisch College/Suffolk University Iowa youth poll released today by Tufts University.

20-Nov-2019 2:50 PM EST
Warren slipping as Buttigieg continues to surge
Iowa State University

Support for Sen. Elizabeth Warren has dropped by nearly 10% over the past month, according to the latest Iowa State University/Civiqs poll. This shift has helped propel Mayor Pete Buttigieg to the top of the poll, with 26% of those surveyed selecting Buttigieg as their top choice.

Released: 20-Nov-2019 8:00 AM EST
Six books and counting: Iowa State student gets jump-start on writing career
Iowa State University

Ryan Byrnes, an Iowa State University senior in technical communication, is an entrepreneurial author. After years of writing, self-publishing and marketing his novels, Byrnes’ most recent work, a historical fiction novel set in World War I, was picked up by a publishing company.

Released: 29-Oct-2019 1:10 PM EDT
How cover crops affect plant disease
Iowa State University

An Iowa State University scientist is coordinating experiments across more than a dozen states to determine how the timing of cover crop termination affects the susceptibility of corn to disease. The experiments are part of a USDA-funded initiative that includes 100 scientists and 35 institutions to develop a suite of new tools to help farmers.

23-Oct-2019 2:00 PM EDT
Buttigieg jumps to second in Iowa State University/Civiqs poll
Iowa State University

Mayor Pete Buttigieg is building momentum in Iowa, according to the latest Iowa State University/Civiqs poll. Of likely caucus-goers, 20% said Buttigieg is their top choice. That moves him to second just behind Sen. Elizabeth Warren who maintained her lead at 28%.

Released: 29-Aug-2019 3:30 PM EDT
Maturity Becomes a Concern as Corn Harvest Approaches
Iowa State University

Iowans may notice combines harvesting corn deep into November due to the late start to planting last spring, according to Iowa State University agronomists. Much of the Iowa corn crop remains weeks behind schedule, and farmers will be paying close attention to temperature as their crop nears maturity and dries down.

Released: 2-May-2019 4:40 PM EDT
Study Shows Value of Sharing Energy – Including Wind and Solar – Across America’s Grids
Iowa State University

Researchers have determined there's economic value to expanding the connections between the country's eastern and western power grids. Expanding the connections could allow wind power from the Midwest and solar power from the Southwest to move back and forth across the country.

30-Apr-2019 3:45 PM EDT
As Monarch Butterflies Migrate Northward, Experts Ask Iowans to Keep Habitat in Mind
Iowa State University

A sizable population of monarch butterflies is fluttering toward Iowa this spring. What can Iowans do to put the species on a more sustainable footing after years of declines? An Iowa State University expert discusses best practices for monarch conservation.

4-Mar-2019 3:10 PM EST
Study: Requiring Landlords to Disclose Bedbugs Cuts Infestations, Creates Long-Term Savings
Iowa State University

Policies requiring landlords to disclose bedbug infestations are an effective way to reduce the prevalence of infestations, according to a just-published study. The study's mathematical model says policies can lead to modest, short-term costs to landlords, but ultimately result in savings to landlords and tenants.

Released: 1-Mar-2019 1:20 PM EST
Scientists overcome repetitive DNA to sequence the genome of devastating soybean pest
Iowa State University

A research team managed to overcome the challenges inherent in the DNA of the soybean cyst nematode to sequence its genome. The project could lead to better management practices to combat the top pest that threatens Iowa soybeans and allows plant breeders to see both sides of the “arms race” between soybean cyst nematodes and the defense mechanisms of soybeans.

Released: 27-Feb-2019 4:05 PM EST
Scientists measure exact edge between superconducting and magnetic states
Ames National Laboratory

Scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Ames Laboratory have developed a method to accurately measure the “exact edge” or onset at which a magnetic field enters a superconducting material.

Released: 27-Feb-2019 2:40 PM EST
Women with alcohol dependency tend to believe more than men the problem will take care of itself
University of Iowa

University of Iowa study is the first to dig deep into the differences in the way men and women handle excessive alcohol consumption.

Released: 27-Feb-2019 10:05 AM EST
Women’s History Month: A Time to Celebrate Progress, but Recognize Remaining Challenges
Iowa State University

March is Women’s History Month. The directors of two women’s centers at Iowa State University say it is a time to celebrate, but also an opportunity to recognize challenges that still persist, such as the gender pay gap and equity for all women.

22-Feb-2019 2:00 PM EST
Iowa attorney general, national faith leader to discuss immigration
Iowa State University

Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller and Rev. Dr. David Vasquez-Levy are coming to Iowa State University this week to discuss immigration laws and the current immigration narrative in the United States.

Released: 21-Feb-2019 3:05 PM EST
CYstarters businesses make progress with patents, prototypes
Iowa State University

Maintaining momentum after CYstarters is not always easy as entrepreneurs return to class or move on to a full-time job. The progress made after the 10-week summer accelerator ends exemplifies their dedication to get their product to market.

Released: 18-Feb-2019 10:05 AM EST
Engineers develop placenta-on-a-chip to study caffeine transport from mother to fetus
Iowa State University

Iowa State's Nicole Hashemi has used her expertise in microfluidics to lead development of a device that models a human placenta. She and her research team have used the "placenta-on-a-chip" to study transport of caffeine from the mother, across the placental barrier, to the fetus.

Released: 18-Feb-2019 9:30 AM EST
Tinkers, at heart of student free speech, will mark 50th anniversary of landmark SCOTUS case at Iowa State
Iowa State University

In 1965, three Des Moines teenagers wore black armbands to school to protest the Vietnam War. Their suspension led to a 1969 U.S. Supreme Court decision that was a turning point for students’ First Amendment rights. On Feb. 25, siblings Mary Beth Tinker and John Tinker will discuss the significance of their case at Iowa State University.

Released: 13-Feb-2019 11:05 AM EST
Data Mining Brings New Clarity to Plant Breeding, According to New Study
Iowa State University

Data mining methods that draw on computer science and statistics can bring new clarity for plant scientists trying to design better crop varieties, according to newly published research from an ISU agronomist. The study outlines several data management approaches that can help plant breeders predict the traits of potential hybrids faster and cheaper than growing and testing the plants.

Released: 13-Feb-2019 9:40 AM EST
Climate change increases potential for conflict and violence
Iowa State University

Climate change is accelerating the severity of natural disasters, which will have a direct and indirect effect on violence and aggression, according to a new study. Iowa State researchers have identified three ways climate change will increase the likelihood of violence.

12-Feb-2019 2:00 PM EST
Municipal Spending Outpaces Population, Income Growth in Both Growing, Shrinking Counties
Iowa State University

While it’s not surprising that growing counties across the U.S. are increasing total spending as well as capital spending, a new Iowa State University study shows shrinking counties are doing the same. This increased spending puts shrinking counties in an exacerbated downward cycle.

Released: 12-Feb-2019 12:05 PM EST
Parents unsure how to work with schools to prevent cyberbullying
University of Iowa

Parents know they need to work with their child’s school to prevent cyberbullying, but a new study from the University of Iowa shows many wonder how.

Released: 12-Feb-2019 10:30 AM EST
Astronaut Scott Kelly will share story of endurance in Iowa State lecture
Iowa State University

Capt. Scott Kelly set the American record for the most consecutive days in space and the longest space mission after returning to Earth from a yearlong mission to the International Space Station. Kelly will deliver the keynote lecture, “The Sky Is Not the Limit,” for the 10th annual Iowa State University Symposium on Sustainability on Feb. 18 at Stephens Auditorium.

Released: 6-Feb-2019 11:00 AM EST
Iowa State students come together to study the Beatles
Iowa State University

Jennifer Leptien translated her lifelong passion for the Beatles into a learning opportunity for Iowa State University students. Each spring, students enroll in Leptien and Jason Chrystal’s one-credit honors seminar for a deep-dive into Beatlemania. Over spring break, they’ll travel to Liverpool and London to see where the Fab Four got their start.