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Released: 15-Sep-2022 10:45 AM EDT
Massachusetts Question 1: New Report Helps Voters Understand Proposed Millionaires Tax
Tufts University

A report released today by the Center for State Policy Analysis (cSPA) at Tufts University's Jonathan M. Tisch College of Civic Life looks at the first ballot question facing Massachusetts voters this fall: the proposal to increase education, transit and transportation spending with a 4 percent surtax on earnings over $1 million.

Released: 23-Aug-2022 10:40 AM EDT
In highly vaccinated Massachusetts, no excess mortality detected this spring
Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Throughout the pandemic, waves of COVID-19 cases have had corresponding waves of excess mortality — deaths that go above and beyond the expected number for that time of year. But in Massachusetts, where more than 80 percent of the population is fully vaccinated, researchers found that during the 18 weeks from Feb. 27 to June 26, 2022, there was no excess mortality in the state, despite waves of COVID cases and hospitalizations.

Released: 22-Oct-2021 2:05 PM EDT
Study: Massachusetts Gun-Control Legislation Has Had No Effect on Violent Crime
American University

A new study examined the impact changes to background checks and licensing policies has made on different types of violent crime in Massachusetts. The study found no immediate impact, suggesting that state lawmakers may want to ensure their legislation is being implemented as intended.

Released: 26-Jul-2021 1:50 PM EDT
Early Antiviral Response in the Nose May Determine the Course of COVID-19
Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard

Researchers studied cells collected by nasal swabs at the moment of diagnosis for both mild and severe COVID-19 patients

Released: 21-Jul-2021 6:05 AM EDT
Proning Team Became Key Part of Massachusetts General’s COVID-19 Care
American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (AACN)

A designated proning team -- composed of about 70 OR nurses, OR assistants and outpatient physical therapists -- became a key part of the COVID-19 care provided by Massachusetts General Hospital, responding around-the-clock to patients who needed turning and allowing critical care clinicians to focus on other aspects of care.

Released: 17-Feb-2021 11:10 AM EST
New Report Offers Fixes for the Unemployment Insurance System in Massachusetts
Tufts University

A report released today by the Center for State Policy Analysis (cSPA) at Tufts University’s Tisch College describes a range of evidence-based options for fixing Massachusetts’ troubled unemployment insurance (UI) system.

Released: 5-Mar-2019 10:50 AM EST
Babson Hosts Babson Sustainability and Energy Club’s Annual Sustainability Forum
Babson College

The 13th Annual Babson Sustainability Forum will take place on Babson College’s Wellesley campus, March 29, 2019, 8 am to 6 pm. The Babson Sustainability and Energy Club’s annual forum, with the theme Embracing The Future’s Goals, will host talks and elite panel discussions covering the broad umbrella of sustainability, featuring industries from agriculture and food, fashion, financing, and clean tech and energy.

Released: 4-Mar-2019 8:30 AM EST
Dana-Farber Opens Center for the Prevention of Progression Clinic
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute opens Center for the Prevention of Progression clinic to focus on precursor conditions in blood cancers

Released: 28-Feb-2019 3:05 PM EST
BIDMC’s Research & Health News Digest – February 2019 Edition
Beth Israel Lahey Health

A monthly roundup of research briefs showcasing recent scientific advances led by Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center faculty.

Released: 28-Feb-2019 8:05 AM EST
Babson College’s Miami Women Innovating Now (Win) Lab® To Host Startup Finale Event
Babson College

Babson College’s Miami Women Innovating Now (WIN) Lab®—a venture accelerator specifically for women entrepreneurs—will host its finale event for the 2018-2019 cohort on March 12, 2019.

Released: 27-Feb-2019 3:05 PM EST
Everything You Need to Know About the Flu
Beth Israel Lahey Health

Sharon Wright, MD, MPH, BIDMC’s Director of Infection Control/Hospital Epidemiology, shares everything you need to know about the flu – from how to prepare before you get sick and when to call a doctor.

Released: 27-Feb-2019 3:05 PM EST
Pregnancy and the Environment
Beth Israel Lahey Health

Blair Wylie, MD, MPH, Director of Maternal-Fetal Medicine at BIDMC, provides answers to commonly asked questions about potentially harmful exposures that might impact a pregnancy.

Released: 27-Feb-2019 10:05 AM EST
Sara Hendren Named Inaugural Anne Mcniff Tatlock Fellow in Multidisciplinary Studies at Vassar College
Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering

Sara Hendren an artist, designer and researcher in residence at Olin College has been named the inaugural Anne McNiff Tatlock Fellow in multidisciplinary studies at Vassar College. The flexible residency is designed to help strengthen and deepen the engagement of faculty within Vassar’s multidisciplinary programs.

21-Feb-2019 4:30 PM EST
Overlapping surgeries safe overall, study finds, but researchers urge extra caution in cardiac procedures, high-risk patients
Harvard Medical School

Overlapping surgeries, in which more than one procedure is performed by the same surgeon working in different operating rooms, have raised concerns about potential adverse outcomes. A new analysis shows that most overlapping surgeries are safe, with no greater risk for complications or patient death. Slight elevation in mortality and complications were found among high-risk patients and those undergoing coronary-artery bypass surgeries. Overlapping surgeries had greater procedure duration than nonoverlapping surgeries.

Released: 22-Feb-2019 8:05 AM EST
Babson College Offers Global Symposia for Entrepreneurship Educators in Dubai
Babson College

Babson College offered the latest edition of its Global Symposia for Entrepreneurship Educators (SEE) in Dubai February 18-21, 2019.

Released: 21-Feb-2019 8:05 AM EST
“Scaling Your Startup: Mastering the Four Stages from Idea to $10 Billion” Authored by Babson College Lecturer Peter S. Cohan
Babson College

Babson College Management Lecturer Peter S. Cohan has authored Scaling Your Startup: Mastering the Four Stages from Idea to $10 Billion.

Released: 20-Feb-2019 6:05 PM EST
Vigorous Exercise, Fasting, Hormones Improve Elimination of Toxic, Misfolded, Unnecessary Proteins in Mouse and Human Cells
Harvard Medical School

A new study shows vigorous exercise and fasting improve the ability of human and mouse cells to remove misfolded, toxic, unnecessary proteins Hormones, including adrenaline and glucagon—released during food deprivation and intense physical activity—boost cells’ capacity to dispose of defective proteins The findings reveal a previously unknown mechanism that activates the cells’ protein-disposal machinery, allowing them to adapt their protein content to shifting demands and new conditions The findings set the stage for development of therapies that activate the cells’ protein-disposal system and optimize the body’s natural defenses

Released: 20-Feb-2019 12:05 PM EST
Crocodile face off
Harvard University

The story that's often told about crocodiles is that they're among the most perfectly adapted creatures on the planet - living fossils that have remained virtually unchanged for millions of years.

Released: 19-Feb-2019 9:30 AM EST
Babson College 2019 Black Affinity Network Conference Features Pioneering Entertainment & Media Professionals
Babson College

The Babson College 2019 Black Affinity Network Conference, hosted by the world’s top-ranked college for the study of entrepreneurship, focuses this year on the unique contributions and achievements of black professionals across music, film, radio, television and more, featuring some of the media and entertainment industry’s pioneering professionals.

15-Feb-2019 2:05 PM EST
Drug combination may become new standard treatment for advanced kidney cancer
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

A combination of two drugs – one of them an immunotherapy agent – could become a new standard, first-line treatment for patients with metastatic kidney cancer, says an investigator from Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, reporting results from a phase 3 clinical trial.

Released: 15-Feb-2019 9:05 AM EST
99 Percent of Babson College’s Undergraduate Class of 2018 Are Employed or in Graduate School
Babson College

Ninety-nine percent of Babson College’s most recent undergraduate alumni are employed or continuing their education, according to statistics from the Class of 2018 six months after graduation*. Salaries are on the rise, too. The average starting salary for Babson’s Class of 2018 was $57,580.

Released: 14-Feb-2019 11:05 AM EST
Katrina Fludd Named Babson College Black Affinity Network President
Babson College

Katrina Fludd ’08, MS’10 the new president of the Babson College Black Affinity Network (BAN), and she is bringing her entrepreneurial approach to diversity and inclusion to lead the network into Babson’s second century and beyond.

Released: 13-Feb-2019 11:05 AM EST
Tufts a top producer of Fulbright students in 2018-19
Tufts University

Tufts University is among the country's top producers of Fulbright U.S. Students once again, with 10 Tufts students earning Fulbright awards for the 2018-19 academic year to study in 10 countries. This is the sixth consecutive year that Tufts has been recognized as a top producer of Fulbright students.

Released: 12-Feb-2019 1:05 PM EST
Olin College Once Again Named a Top Fulbright Student Producer
Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering

The U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs has once again placed Olin College of Engineering on its list of U.S. colleges and universities that produced the most Fulbright U.S. students. Olin’s status as a top Fulbright student producer for 2018-2019 is in the special focus four-year institutions category and was announced online in the February 11 edition of The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Released: 12-Feb-2019 1:05 PM EST
Olin College Named 2019 Princeton Review Best Value College
Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering

Olin College is included in Princeton Review’s just released 2019 Best Value Colleges. In addition to the overall listing, Princeton Review also named Olin as #2 for best internships and #23 for financial aid.

Released: 12-Feb-2019 12:00 PM EST
More than a Courier
Harvard Medical School

Once deemed nothing more than signal-transmitters, the axons of nerve cells now emerge as far more complex and autonomous than thought, according to new research

Released: 12-Feb-2019 11:05 AM EST
Study Finds No Mortality Effect with Drug-Coated Devices for Peripheral Revascularization
Beth Israel Lahey Health

A new study led by researchers at BIDMC found no difference in long-term mortality between patients treated for peripheral arterial disease with drug-coated stents and balloons compared with nondrug-coated devices.

Released: 12-Feb-2019 8:05 AM EST
Dr. Shakenna K. Williams Named Director of the Center for Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership Global Initiative at Babson College
Babson College

Babson College has named Dr. Shakenna K. Williams Director of the Center for Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership Global Initiative at Babson College.

11-Feb-2019 8:55 AM EST
Study Finds Upsurge in ‘Active Surveillance’ for Low-Risk Prostate Cancer
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Many men with low-risk prostate cancer who most likely previously would have undergone immediate surgery or radiation are now adopting a more conservative “active surveillance” strategy, according to an analysis of a new federal database by scientists from Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

Released: 11-Feb-2019 4:50 PM EST
Protein Released From Fat Following Exercise Improves Glucose Tolerance, and Health
Joslin Diabetes Center

BOSTON – (February 11, 2019) – It’s well-known that exercise improves health, but understanding how it makes you healthier on a molecular level is the question researchers at Joslin Diabetes Center are answering. After performing experiments in both humans and mice, the researchers found that exercise training causes dramatic changes to fat.

Released: 8-Feb-2019 12:05 PM EST
Higher Sodium Intake Associated with Increased Lightheadedness in the Context of the DASH-Sodium Trial
Beth Israel Lahey Health

Researchers at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center found that higher sodium intake, when studied in the context of the DASH-Sodium trial (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension), increases lightheadedness. These findings challenge traditional recommendations to increase sodium intake to prevent lightheadedness.

Released: 7-Feb-2019 12:05 PM EST
HPV infection may be behind rise in vocal-cord cancers among young nonsmokers
Massachusetts General Hospital

A remarkable recent increase in the diagnosis of vocal-cord cancer in young adults appears to be the result of infection with strains of human papilloma virus (HPV) that also cause cervical cancer and other malignancies.

Released: 4-Feb-2019 1:05 PM EST
What Screenings Do You Need to Keep Your Heart Healthy?
Beth Israel Lahey Health

Brett Carroll, MD, Director of Vascular Medicine in Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center’s CardioVascular Institute and Medical Director of the Aortic Center, shares insight on what screenings are necessary for heart health.

Released: 4-Feb-2019 9:00 AM EST
Babson Names Robert Stringer Director Of Award-Winning, Immersive Summer Venture Program
Babson College

The Arthur M. Blank Center for Entrepreneurship at Babson College has announced that consultant, author, and venture capitalist turned angel investor and startup advisor Robert Stringer will be the new Director for its award-winning, immersive Summer Venture Program for student entrepreneurs from Babson and nearby Wellesley and Olin Colleges.

Released: 1-Feb-2019 1:05 PM EST
Common e-cigarette chemical flavorings may impair lung function
Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

Two chemicals widely used to flavor electronic cigarettes may be impairing the function of cilia in the human airway, according to a new study led by Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

Released: 31-Jan-2019 11:05 AM EST
BIDMC's Research & Health News Digest - January 2019 Edition
Beth Israel Lahey Health

A monthly roundup of research briefs showcasing recent scientific advances led by Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center faculty.

Released: 31-Jan-2019 10:05 AM EST
Am I Too Sick To Work?
Beth Israel Lahey Health

It’s that time of year when people everywhere are faced with the question: am I too sick to work? Robin Wigmore, MD, primary care physician and infectious disease specialist at BIDMC, offers questions to ask yourself in order to make an informed decision before packing up your tissues for the office.

Released: 31-Jan-2019 9:55 AM EST
Derek Schoettle MBA’03, CEO of ZoomInfo, and John Landry 69‘ MP’08, Serial Tech Entrepreneur and Investor, Named Babson College Entrepreneurs-in-Residence
Babson College

The Arthur M. Blank Center for Entrepreneurship at Babson College has announced that Derek Schoettle MBA’03, CEO of ZoomInfo, and John Landry 69‘ MP’08, serial tech entrepreneur and investor, are new Entrepreneurs-in-Residence that will work with Babson’s emerging entrepreneurs on their ventures.

Released: 31-Jan-2019 12:05 AM EST
Hurricane Katrina’s aftermath included spike in heart disease hospitalizations
Tufts University

Hospitalizations for cardiovascular disease rose precipitously in Orleans and Jefferson parishes after Hurricane Katrina. The increase in rates lasted for more than one month after landfall and rates were higher among the older black population, compared to the older white population.

Released: 30-Jan-2019 10:05 AM EST
BIDMC Researchers ID and Treat Faulty Brain Circuitry That Causes Disabling Symptoms of Schizophrenia
Beth Israel Lahey Health

In a first-of-its-kind study, researchers at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) used imaging data to determine the underlying anatomical cause of schizophrenia’s negative symptoms and then applied non-invasive brain stimulation to ameliorate them.

29-Jan-2019 9:40 AM EST
Alzheimer’s in a Dish
Harvard Medical School

Researchers have created a new model-in-a-dish of sporadic Alzheimer’s, the most common form of the disease, which arises in people without family history. Findings suggest early changes in neural stem cells raise the likelihood of developing Alzheimer’s later in life. For the first time, the same abnormalities were found in multiple sporadic Alzheimer’s cell lines and in cells with the major Alzheimer’s genetic risk factor APOE4

Released: 28-Jan-2019 12:00 PM EST
Bad Brakes
Harvard Medical School

A study in human and mouse heart cells identifies a faulty molecular brake in the most common form of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a leading cause of sudden cardiac death in young people and athletes and the most common genetic disease of the heart The faulty brake, found about a quarter of all genetic mutations in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, interferes with the heart muscle’s ability to contract and relax, a hallmark of the disease Treatment with a chemical compound successfully restores normal contractility and relaxation in human heart cells If replicated in further studies, the findings can lead to much-needed drug therapies that correct the molecular failure driving the disease

Released: 28-Jan-2019 11:05 AM EST
Surge Protector: Novel Approach to Suppressing Therapy-Induced Tumor Growth
Beth Israel Lahey Health

In a recent groundbreaking study, a team of researchers led by BIDMC’s Dipak Panigrahy, MD, demonstrated that dead and dying cancer cells killed by conventional cancer treatments paradoxically trigger the inflammation that promotes tumor growth and metastasis. Now, in a follow- up study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Science (PNAS), Panigrahy and colleagues illuminate the mechanism by which debris generated by ovarian tumor cells targeted by first-line chemotherapy accelerates tumor progression.

Released: 28-Jan-2019 10:05 AM EST
Science Says the DASH Diet Works
Beth Israel Lahey Health

BIIDMC primary care physician Stephen Juraschek, MD, PhD, shares how the DASH diet (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) can benefit folks who are following the “new year, new me” mantra.

Released: 25-Jan-2019 12:05 PM EST
Can Relationships and Personal Networks Impact the Health of Former Pro Football Players?
Harvard Medical School

• First-of-its-kind study launched to examine the effects of personal networks on former NFL players’ health • Findings could inform health interventions to reduce risk • Short web-based survey provides personalized results and information for former players • Watch two videos that introduce the Personal Network Study

Released: 25-Jan-2019 12:05 PM EST
Medications could fill treatment gap for adolescents with obesity
Boston Medical Center

Twelve independent pediatric obesity medicine and surgery specialists, led by experts at Boston Medical Center (BMC), outline an urgent need for evidence-based guidance on the use of obesity pharmacotherapy for adolescents in the Obesity research journal.

Released: 23-Jan-2019 10:30 AM EST
Study to investigate indoor air quality in affordable housing near busy roadways
Tufts University

A first-of-its-kind study led by Tufts University researchers, in collaboration with Somerville officials and citizens, will measure indoor air quality and comfort in multifamily housing developments near busy roadways.

Released: 22-Jan-2019 3:05 PM EST
Tufts University Names Nadine Aubry as Provost
Tufts University

Nadine Aubry, Ph.D., who leads Northeastern University’s College of Engineering and is an internationally recognized scholar and academic innovator, will be Tufts University’s next provost and senior vice president, effective July 1, 2019, the university announced today.

Released: 22-Jan-2019 11:30 AM EST
Is A Continuous Glucose Monitor Right for You?
Joslin Diabetes Center

Every person with diabetes knows that they can make themselves crazy self-testing their blood glucose levels. Continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) are an important tool that can make daily diabetes management a lot easier.