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Released: 29-May-2020 11:25 AM EDT
Yes, your dog wants to rescue you
Arizona State University (ASU)

Imagine you're a dog. Your owner is trapped in a box and is crying out for help. Are you aware of his despair? If so, can you set him free? And what's more, do you really want to?

Newswise:Video Embedded robotic-cats-are-purr-fect-companions-for-seniors-isolated-due-to-covid-19
Released: 28-May-2020 8:30 AM EDT
Robotic Cats Are ‘Purr-fect’ Companions for Seniors Isolated Due to COVID-19
Florida Atlantic University

Researchers provide the “purr-fect” solution to comfort and engage older adults with Alzheimer’s disease and other related dementias (ADRD) during the pandemic – interactive robotic cats. Designed to respond to motion, touch and sound, these robotic pets offer an alternative to traditional pet therapy. Robotic pets are usually given to people with ADRD, but data has shown that using them to decrease social isolation for older adults is highly successful.

Released: 9-Apr-2020 4:55 PM EDT
Ask the expert: MSU veterinarian dispels myths about pets and COVID-19
Michigan State University

Since first hearing about the COVID-19 outbreak in China, media outlets around the world have reported on strains of the virus originating in animals, on pets testing positive for the virus and most recently, on a tiger testing positive for COVID-19 at the Bronx Zoo. Annette O’Connor – chairperson of the Department of Large Animal Clinical Sciences and professor of Epidemiology at Michigan State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine – says that there are seven different types of coronaviruses and that the Centers for Disease Control doesn’t believe the COVID-19 strain can be transmitted to domestic animals.

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Released: 8-Apr-2020 4:45 PM EDT
Therapy dogs may help lower emergency clinicians' stress

New research published in Academic Emergency Medicine indicates that for physicians and nurses working evening shifts in the emergency department, interacting with a therapy dog for several minutes may help lower stress.

Released: 1-Apr-2020 1:20 PM EDT
Urban dogs are more fearful than their cousins from the country
University of Helsinki

Fearfulness is one of the most common behavioural disorders in dogs.

Released: 18-Mar-2020 2:55 PM EDT
New research unpicks root causes of separation anxiety in dogs
University of Lincoln

Separation anxiety in dogs should be seen as a symptom of underlying frustrations rather than a diagnosis, and understanding these root causes could be key to effective treatment, new research by animal behaviour specialists suggests.

Newswise: Pets can protect against suicide in older people
Released: 16-Mar-2020 8:35 AM EDT
Pets can protect against suicide in older people
University of South Australia

It’s a sad fact that suicide rates among people over 60 are the highest of any age group in Australia, but a new study published today from the University of South Australia has found an unexpected saviour – pets.

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