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Released: 23-Mar-2020 2:10 PM EDT
Repeated novel coronavirus media exposure may be linked to psychological distress
University of California, Irvine

Irvine, Calif., March 23, 2020 – While government officials and news organizations work to communicate critical risk assessments and recommendations to the public during a health crisis such as the new coronavirus pandemic, a related threat may be emerging, according to researchers at the University of California, Irvine: psychological distress resulting from repeated media exposure to the crisis.

16-Mar-2020 2:35 PM EDT
Most Mass Shootings Occur Closest to Hospitals without Verification to Treat Trauma
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

In an analysis of 2019 mass shootings and hospital locations, researchers at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) found that the closest hospital to more than 70% of mass shootings was a non-trauma center, where sudden, high casualty loads were more likely to overwhelm capacity and trauma-specific care options may have been limited. They also found that in more than half of mass shooting events, the nearest pediatric trauma center was more than 10 miles away.

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Released: 13-Mar-2020 2:55 PM EDT
How associative fear memory is formed in the brain
University of California, Riverside

How does the brain form "fear memory" that links a traumatic event to a particular situation? A pair of researchers at the University of California, Riverside, may have found an answer

Released: 10-Mar-2020 10:25 AM EDT
Case Western Reserve University research finds high rates of trauma exposure, PTSD symptoms for those in drug court
Case Western Reserve University

Nearly 94% of defendants in Cuyahoga County drug court have been exposed to trauma and many suffer from symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), according to a new Case Western Reserve University study.

Released: 10-Mar-2020 9:00 AM EDT
CHOP Study Demonstrates How to Collect True Impact Incidents from Head Impact Sensors in Youth Sports
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

An increased awareness of concussion risks in young athletes has prompted researchers to use a variety of head impact sensors to measure frequency and severity of impacts during sports. A new study from Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) shows these head sensors can record a large number of false positive impacts during real game play. The CHOP team’s study emphasizes that an extra step to video-confirm the sensor data is essential for research and for use of this data in injury prevention strategies for player safety.

Released: 9-Mar-2020 10:25 AM EDT
Two Weeks After Sports-Related Concussion, Most Patients Have Not Recovered
Wolters Kluwer Health: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins

Less than half of patients with sports-related mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) achieve clinical recovery within two weeks after injury, reports a study in Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine. The journal is published in the Lippincott portfolio by Wolters Kluwer.

Newswise: Expanding access and reducing stigma for mental health services
Released: 5-Mar-2020 2:55 PM EST
Expanding access and reducing stigma for mental health services
West Virginia University - Eberly College of Arts and Sciences

Serving in the Army National Guard has inspired one West Virginia University social work student to pursue a career combating stigmas surrounding mental health.

Newswise: Community summit brings together Mayor Lightfoot and Chicagoland leaders seeking solutions to the effects of violence and trauma
Released: 5-Mar-2020 2:20 PM EST
Community summit brings together Mayor Lightfoot and Chicagoland leaders seeking solutions to the effects of violence and trauma
University of Chicago Medical Center

Southland RISE (Resilience Initiative to Strengthen and Empower), a collaboration powered by the University of Chicago Medicine and Advocate Heath Care, hosted its inaugural summit, Healing to RISE: Fostering Connections to Support Individuals, Families and Communities Impacted by Trauma. The two health systems launched Southland RISE in 2019 to strengthen and integrate violence recovery and trauma care services throughout the South Side and across the south suburbs.

Released: 3-Mar-2020 6:00 AM EST
Aerobic Exercise May Treat Persistent Post-Concussive Symptoms in Adults
Association of Academic Physiatrists (AAP)

A new study will evaluate whether persistent symptoms following concussion, also known as post-concussion syndrome, can be treated using a personalized, progressive aerobic exercise program. Data from this ongoing study by researchers at the University of Calgary will be presented this week at the Association of Academic Physiatrists Annual Meeting in Orlando.

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