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Released: 31-May-2023 2:05 PM EDT
Debt ceiling blues. Find political experts on the debt negotiations and the presidential bids in the Politics channel

President Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy continue negotiations on raising the United States debt ceiling. More contenders enter the Republican presidential nominee run. Get your expert commentary on Politics here.

Released: 23-May-2023 2:45 PM EDT
Privacy protection and other corporate accountability matters in the Business Ethics channel

Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, was fined a record 1.2 billion euros ($1.3 billion) and ordered to stop transferring data collected from Facebook users in Europe to the United States. Find the latest research and expert commentary on privacy issues and controversial business practices in the Business Ethics channel.

Newswise:Video Embedded live-event-for-april-21-sleeping-pill-reduces-levels-of-alzheimer-s-proteins
Released: 21-Apr-2023 3:10 PM EDT
TRANSCRIPT AND VIDEO AVAILABLE Live Event for April 21: Sleeping pill reduces levels of Alzheimer’s proteins

Researcher will discuss the study which involved a sleeping aid known as suvorexant that is already approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for insomnia, hints at the potential of sleep medications to slow or stop the progression of Alzheimer’s disease.


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Released: 9-Mar-2023 1:30 PM EST
You can't put a price tag on knowledge. Read the latest news on finance and the world economy in the Economics channel

The U.S. economy is on people's minds as the government prepares for a showdown on the deficit and government spending. Find the latest research and expert commentary on money issues here. Below are some of the latest headlines in the Economics channel on Newswise.

Released: 26-Jan-2023 11:00 AM EST
Attributing the rising costs of groceries to “price gouging” is not accurate

Is putting the blame on grocery store managers for your rising costs of orange juice accurate? It’s not quite that simple.

Released: 21-Dec-2022 9:55 AM EST
Tis the season to manage stress: Winter holiday story ideas and expert commentary

Here are some of the latest articles that have been added to the Winter Holidays channel on Newswise.

Released: 18-Nov-2022 11:15 AM EST
There’s no evidence that U.S. aid money sent to Ukraine was then used to invest in FTX as a money laundering scheme

The news that FTX, the cryptocurrency company, filed for bankruptcy protection amid news it was short billions of dollars has spawned many conspiracy theories being shared on social media.

Released: 22-Aug-2022 8:55 AM EDT
The increase in funding for the IRS is not going create an army of agents that will come after you

The Inflation Reduction Act includes $79 billion for the IRS. Many political figures are reacting incredulously to this long-sought budget increase. The Fox News host Brian Kilmeade has warned his viewers that “Joe Biden’s new army” of armed IRS agents could “hunt down and kill middle-class taxpayers that don’t pay enough”.

Released: 15-Jul-2022 3:05 PM EDT
Relief from high gas prices is not likely to come from more drilling, as many politicians are demanding

U.S oil and gas production is just one of many elements that drive the global oil and gas market.

Released: 27-Jun-2022 1:45 PM EDT
The latest expert commentary on SCOTUS decisions, including the overturn of Roe v. Wade

The latest expert commentary and research on SCOTUS decisions, including the overturn of Roe v. Wade

Newswise: 2010 Deepwater Horizon accident did not harm BP’s long-term stock market returns
8-Jun-2022 4:30 PM EDT
2010 Deepwater Horizon accident did not harm BP’s long-term stock market returns

Study suggests BP’s reputation suffered, but not the reputations or stock returns of other oil firms.

Released: 3-May-2022 3:00 PM EDT
The latest expert commentary on the U.S. Supreme Court

Are you looking for expert commentary on the leaked opinion draft that appears to overturn Roe v. Wade? Newswise has you covered! Below are some of the latest headlines that have been added to the U.S. Supreme Court channel on Newswise.

Released: 28-Feb-2022 3:35 PM EST
Study: Incentives Key to Driving Transition to Mobile Payments
University at Albany, State University of New York

The study finds that consumers are more likely to use mobile payment methods when they receive price incentives for doing so. The transition can last for a few days, even after the price incentives end.

Released: 24-Feb-2022 1:55 PM EST
Expert sources for your Ukraine-Russia conflict stories

Expert sources for your Ukraine-Russia conflict stories

Released: 15-Dec-2021 9:50 AM EST
16 Stocks to Watch in 2022
University of Maryland, Robert H. Smith School of Business

Maryland Smith’s David Kass, who blogs about Warren Buffett, Berkshire Hathaway and the stock market, narrows his semi-annual stocks-to-watch list “amid rising uncertainties.”

Released: 1-Dec-2021 2:05 PM EST
Rutgers Expert Explains DeFi
Rutgers University-New Brunswick

Merav Ozair, a FinTech professor at Rutgers Business School and leading expert on blockchain and cryptocurrency, demystifies decentralized finance and what it means for the future of money.

Newswise: Experts to comment on environmental or ecological economics at COP26
Released: 26-Oct-2021 9:00 AM EDT
Experts to comment on environmental or ecological economics at COP26
University of Portsmouth

Experts to comment on environmental or ecological economics at COP26

Released: 19-Oct-2021 5:05 PM EDT
The problems with supply chains did not just start when President Biden took office

In response to the continued supply chain woes people are feeling around the globe, Texas congressman Lance Gooden tweeted, "The United States didn't have a supply chain crisis until Joe Biden became president."

Released: 19-Oct-2021 5:05 PM EDT
The claim that supply chain problems started with the Biden presidency is off the mark
Northern Arizona University

Today's supply chain problems are the result of long-term changes to manufacturing and supply chain management and short-term issues related to COVID, the economy and governmental action.

Released: 11-Oct-2021 10:55 AM EDT
Study shows how corporations influence policy through nonprofit donations
University of California, Berkeley Haas School of Business

A study co-authored by Berkeley Haas researchers provides the first convincing evidence that not only do nonprofits change their stances in response to corporate donations, but that government agencies change their rules alongside them.

Released: 5-Oct-2021 8:40 AM EDT
Research Gives New Insight into Capitalizing on Momentum Investing
University of Maryland, Robert H. Smith School of Business

New research by Maryland Smith’s Albert “Pete” Kyle shows how markets gain momentum and how investors can make better decisions based on it.

Released: 7-Sep-2021 12:10 PM EDT
Eliminating cash could benefit average U.S. families
University of Georgia

Soon, $50 and $100 bills may be a thing of the past.

Released: 19-Aug-2021 6:05 PM EDT
Maryland Smith-Led Research Draws Inaugural Panmure House Prize
University of Maryland, Robert H. Smith School of Business

Maryland Smith’s Rachelle Sampson is the inaugural recipient of The Panmure House Prize, an annual award of $75,000 to emerging leaders in academia who are planning to produce outstanding research on the long-term funding of innovation.

Released: 19-Aug-2021 3:00 PM EDT
VIDEO AND TRANSCRIPT AVAILABLE: Breakthrough Cases and COVID Boosters: Live Expert Panel for August 18, 2021

Expert Q&A: Do breakthrough cases mean we will soon need COVID boosters? The extremely contagious Delta variant continues to spread, prompting mask mandates, proof of vaccination, and other measures. Media invited to ask the experts about these and related topics.

Released: 29-Jun-2021 1:20 PM EDT
The Future of Investing (Looks Very Different)
University of Virginia Darden School of Business

What does the future of investing look like? While unemployment ballooned and the global economy collapsed in the months following the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, an odd thing happened: Wall Street surged. The stock market rose to record levels, relatively new asset classes such as cryptocurrencies headed to the moon, and individual investors had hedge fund managers reeling. There’s been a lot going on in the world of investing, and some of the change likely is here to stay. Investing and asset management experts at the University of Virginia Darden School of Business share their thoughts.

Released: 13-May-2021 2:45 PM EDT
What it Means to be Green in the Fund Management Industry
University of Maryland, Robert H. Smith School of Business

A Maryland Smith-hosted virtual panel discussion on May 17 will weigh ESG benchmark inconsistency on sustainable investing.

Released: 5-Apr-2021 1:05 PM EDT
Study Highlights Benefits of Tax Planning For Companies Facing Financial Constraints
North Carolina State University

A law governing pensions gave business scholars an unprecedented research opportunity to understand the impact of financial constraints.

Released: 11-Mar-2021 10:05 AM EST
Study Shows New Real-Time Method for Identifying Stock Bubbles like GameStop’s
Johns Hopkins University Carey Business School

In a new working paper, Johns Hopkins Carey Business School Associate Professor Nicola Fusari and two co-authors propose a new method for determining – in real-time – whether a spike in a stock price is in fact a bubble. They based the method on the options written on a stock during trading.

Released: 2-Mar-2021 5:45 PM EST
Disclosure rules led to drop in bond trading markups
University of California, Berkeley Haas School of Business

The average transaction fee paid by retail investors to buy or sell corporate bonds fell 5% after regulators forced brokers to disclose these fees, according to new research co-authored by Berkeley Haas Asst. Prof. Omri Even-Tov.

Released: 9-Feb-2021 11:45 AM EST
How Robinhood’s trading app spurs investors’ herding instincts: Q&A with Prof. Odean
University of California, Berkeley Haas School of Business

Last year, when Berkeley Haas finance professor Terrance Odean was researching why users of the popular trading app Robinhood tended to “herd” into a small number of stocks, he never imagined a situation like what unfolded last week with GameStop.

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