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Newswise: UTHealth Houston partners with Mexican organizations for $5M NIH grant to improve implementation of cancer control interventions in Mexico and Latin America
Released: 10-Nov-2023 12:05 PM EST
UTHealth Houston partners with Mexican organizations for $5M NIH grant to improve implementation of cancer control interventions in Mexico and Latin America
University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston

A five-year, $5 million grant has been awarded by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) to the UTHealth Houston Institute for Implementation Science to support research and training in implementation science, with a focus on improving cancer control efforts in Mexico and Latin America.

Released: 17-Oct-2023 11:05 AM EDT
Wren Laboratories Expands Flagship Molecular Cancer Diagnostic NETest to China
Wren Laboratories

Licensing agreement with Kindstar Globalgene Technology will more than double Wren NETest distribution within first year

Newswise: Illinois expert argues Ancient Maya reservoirs offer lessons for today’s water crises
Released: 9-Oct-2023 3:05 PM EDT
Illinois expert argues Ancient Maya reservoirs offer lessons for today’s water crises
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

University of Illinois anthropology professor Lisa Lucero argues in a paper published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences that ancient Maya reservoirs, which used aquatic plants to filter and clean the water, “can serve as archetypes for natural, sustainable water systems to address future water needs.” The Maya built and maintained reservoirs that were in use for more than 1,000 years, providing potable water for thousands to tens of thousands of people in cities during the annual, five-month dry season and in periods of prolonged drought.

Newswise: Cedars-Sinai Unveils Mexico City Office
Released: 5-Oct-2023 12:05 PM EDT
Cedars-Sinai Unveils Mexico City Office

Cedars-Sinai International has opened a new, conveniently located office in Mexico City.

Newswise: Cedars-Sinai Inaugura Oficina en la Ciudad de México
Released: 5-Oct-2023 11:05 AM EDT
Cedars-Sinai Inaugura Oficina en la Ciudad de México

Cedars-Sinai International ha inaugurado una nueva oficina convenientemente ubicada en la Ciudad de México.

Newswise: Crime pushes entrepreneurs to fly under the radar, relocate or shutter
Released: 12-Sep-2023 9:00 AM EDT
Crime pushes entrepreneurs to fly under the radar, relocate or shutter
Iowa State University

New research shows entrepreneurs in Mexico become a greater target of crime as their businesses grow and become more profitable. The study also found entrepreneurs typically respond to crime in one of three ways: Truncating business growth, relocating or shutting down their operation.

Released: 2-Feb-2023 10:05 AM EST
Counterfeit pills sold in Mexican pharmacies found to contain fentanyl, heroin, and methamphetamine
University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), Health Sciences

A UCLA-led study provides the first scientific evidence that brick and mortar pharmacies in Northern Mexican tourist towns are selling counterfeit pills containing fentanyl, heroin, and methamphetamine. These pills are sold mainly to US tourists, and are often passed off as controlled substances such as Oxycodone, Percocet, and Adderall.

Released: 1-Feb-2023 6:45 PM EST
Mapping Mexico’s Dengue Fever Hotspots
Rutgers University-New Brunswick

Ubydul Haque, an assistant professor of global health at the Rutgers Global Health Institute, has analyzed data from Mexico’s Ministry of Health to identify dengue fever hotspots. Working with epidemiologists at the University of North Texas and Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León, the team calculated environmental and socioeconomic risk factors and mapped areas where severe outbreaks occur.

Released: 29-Nov-2022 10:40 AM EST
Cleveland Clinic Expands Global Access to Care by Appointing Five New In-Country Representatives
Cleveland Clinic

As part of its continued efforts to ensure greater access to quality care for patients around the world, Cleveland Clinic is broadening its network of in-country representatives to five locations: Canada, China, Colombia, Ecuador and Mexico.

Newswise: Electrical Engineer and First Mexican-Born Woman to Travel in Space Featured Speaker at CFES Global Conference
Released: 13-Oct-2022 4:40 PM EDT
Electrical Engineer and First Mexican-Born Woman to Travel in Space Featured Speaker at CFES Global Conference
CFES Brilliant Pathways

Katya Echazarreta, a 27-year-old electrical engineer who became the first Mexican-born woman to travel to space, will serve as keynote speaker at the 31st annual CFES Brilliant Pathways Global Conference on Nov. 7-8 at the Sagamore Resort in Lake George, NY.

22-Sep-2022 3:05 PM EDT
Ancient Maya cities were dangerously contaminated with mercury

A new review shows that the soil in the cities of the ancient Maya are heavily polluted with mercury. As vessels filled with liquid mercury and objects painted with cinnabar have been found at many Maya sites, the authors conclude that the Maya were heavy users of mercury and mercury-containing products. This resulted in severe and dangerous pollution in their day, which still persists even now.

Newswise: Search for clues may explain the collapse of ancient city in Mexico
Released: 21-Sep-2022 10:05 AM EDT
Search for clues may explain the collapse of ancient city in Mexico
Iowa State University

Faculty and students from ISU joined an international team of archaeologists this summer to begin excavating one of Teotihuacan’s suburbs. The four-year project could help unlock clues about the ancient city’s mysterious collapse and what happened in the hundreds of years before Spanish conquistadors arrived in central America.

Released: 19-Sep-2022 4:05 PM EDT
FSU geologist available to discuss earthquake that hit Mexico’s Pacific coast
Florida State University

By: Kathleen Haughney | Published: September 19, 2022 | 4:01 pm | SHARE: Mexico is dealing with the fallout of a powerful 7.6 magnitude earthquake that occurred near the Pacific coast on the anniversary of two previous tremors. Earthquakes occurred on Sept. 19 in both 1985 and 2017 in Mexico, killing thousands of people.Florida State University Professor of Geology James Tull is available to speak with reporters about the effects of the earthquake and the geology behind this catastrophic event.

Newswise: NRAO Supporting Work of Mexican Astronomer
Released: 25-Aug-2022 5:10 PM EDT
NRAO Supporting Work of Mexican Astronomer
National Radio Astronomy Observatory

NRAO is supporting a Mexican astronomer's work to select and develop antenna sites in northern Mexico for the Next Generation Very Large Array (ngVLA).

Newswise: NRAO apoya trabajo de astrónomo mexicano
Released: 25-Aug-2022 5:05 PM EDT
NRAO apoya trabajo de astrónomo mexicano
National Radio Astronomy Observatory

El Observatorio Radioastronómico Nacional de Estados Unidos (NRAO, en su sigla en inglés) de NSF está apoyando el trabajo de un astrónomo de la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) que se encargará de caracterizar, seleccionar y desarrollar sitios en el norte de México para las antenas del Next Generation Very Large Array (ngVLA).

Released: 11-Feb-2022 1:45 PM EST
HIV Incidence Rising Steeply Among People Who Inject Drugs in Tijuana
UC San Diego Health

Researchers at UC San Diego School of Medicine have presented data that suggests a new HIV outbreak in Tijuana, Mexico, driven in part by “drug tourism” unabated by the closure of the international border due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Released: 25-May-2021 12:55 PM EDT
Cross Border Effort to Vaccinate 10,000 Maquiladora Workers
UC San Diego Health

A coalition of six U.S. subsidiary companies have sponsored a COVID-19 mobile clinic to vaccinate 10,000 maquiladora workers employed in Baja California, Mexico. UC San Diego Health is vaccinating about 1,500 workers daily.

Released: 20-Apr-2021 1:20 PM EDT
Penn Nursing Dean Antonia Villarruel to Receive The Ohtli Award from the Government of Mexico
University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing

This is the highest honor bestowed by the Mexican Government to individuals and organizations that have stood out for their work in favor of the empowerment of the Mexican diaspora and helped to “open the path” for the new Mexican American and Latino generations.

Released: 11-Mar-2021 10:05 PM EST
UC San Diego Broadens Research on Complicated Escalation of Violence in Mexico
University of California San Diego

Looking beyond cartels, the Mexico Violence Resource Project is an initiative from UC San Diego’s Center for U.S.-Mexican Studies launched last fall with the goal of facilitating better analysis on the nuanced drivers of violence in Mexico. The project recently formed a partnership with the Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime to support new research and policy advocacy on issues surrounding violence, crime and governance in Mexico.

Released: 12-Feb-2021 8:00 AM EST
Grasshoppers & roadblocks: Coping with COVID-19 in rural Mexico
Ohio State University

For many of Mexico’s Indigenous people, poor and ignored by state and federal governments, the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic is one that rests primarily with themselves.

Released: 11-Feb-2021 7:05 PM EST
Mexico’s poor have little luck obtaining opioids intended for palliative care
University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), Health Sciences

Despite a Mexican government initiative launched in 2015 to improve access to prescription opioids among palliative care patients, the country has seen only a marginal increase in dispensing levels, and inequities in dispensing have left many of the nation’s poorest residents without comfort in their final days

Released: 5-Mar-2020 9:00 AM EST
Majority of People in a National Survey Oppose Separating Immigrant Families at US/Mexico Border
Baylor University

A clear majority of participants in a national survey about the zero-tolerance policy on the United States/Mexico border strongly oppose separating immigrant families and charging the parents as criminals, according to Baylor University research. Researchers also found that among those who support the family separation policy, the strongest connection is conservative political ideology.

29-Jan-2020 3:05 PM EST
9,900-year-old Mexican female skeleton is morphologically distinct from most of America’s earliest known settlers

‘Chan Hol 3’, like other Tulum cave skeletons, has a distinctive skull and tooth caries

Released: 21-Jan-2020 1:30 PM EST
Patients Beyond Borders Announces Top 10 Cities for Medical Tourists in 2020
Patients Beyond Borders

Relentlessly rising consumer medical expenses have contributed to millions of US patients seeking affordable treatment abroad. Patients Beyond Borders has researched the most-traveled metropolitan areas for the international healthcare consumer, at savings of 40-85%

Released: 15-Jan-2020 4:10 PM EST
UIC announces partnership with Mexican technological university
University of Illinois Chicago

Monterrey Institute of Technology to call UIC home in the Midwest.

Released: 14-Jan-2020 2:05 PM EST
Public health experts awarded funds to ‘get out the count’ for 2020 census
University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston

To make sure historically undercounted populations along the Texas-Mexico border are included in the 2020 census, faculty at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth) are joining forces with the U.S. Census Bureau, community health workers, and local organizations to launch a collaborative campaign in the El Paso region.

Released: 15-Nov-2019 11:15 AM EST
Entrepreneur Exits Successful Startup Helping Latin American Artisans to Explore Future Through UVA Darden
University of Virginia Darden School of Business

Sophie Eckrich (Class of 2021) has had an acute curiosity regarding the disparity in global opportunity for as long as she can remember. Growing up in the cultural crossroads of Austin, Texas, with a mother from Mexico and a father from the United States, cross-border travel and cultural exchange were a way of life.

Released: 5-Nov-2019 5:05 PM EST
Mexico’s Drug War
Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)

Violence continues to rage in Mexico more than a decade after former President Felipe Calderon launched a crackdown on drug cartels.

Released: 1-Oct-2019 1:05 PM EDT
New Study Reveals More Teens in Mexico Feel “Addicted” to their Mobile Devices than Teens in Other Countries Surveyed
USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism

"The New Normal: Parents, Teens, and Mobile Devices in Mexico," is a study based on a survey of more than 1,200 Mexican teens and parents, and is led by USC Annenberg Dean Willow Bay and Common Sense founder and CEO James P. Steyer. Mexico is the fourth country surveyed — following the U.S., Japan and the U.K. — in the global mapping project designed to advance a cross-cultural exploration of family digital media engagement.

Released: 20-Dec-2018 9:00 AM EST
Anchor discovery provides clues in the search for the Lost Ships of Cortés
Texas State University

Nearly five hundred years later, the fleet’s final resting place remains undiscovered. But an international collaboration of underwater archaeologists is conducting the first modern-day search for the scuttled vessels, as well as 16 others that Cortés sank a year later.

Released: 19-Nov-2018 11:05 AM EST
Polly’s Run Boosts Pancreatic Cancer Research
University of New Mexico Comprehensive Cancer Center

The annual Polly's Run event has grown to include more than 600 runners and walkers. It raised more than $37,000 this past June, bringing the Polly Rogers Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund at The University of New Mexico Comprehensive Cancer Center to more than $100,000.

Released: 7-Nov-2018 12:05 PM EST
UIC to host event exploring Chicago's native communities
University of Illinois Chicago

The University of Illinois at Chicago's Great Cities Institute and Native American Support Program will present Natives in Chicago, a discussion on the impact of policies and the work of community organizations to provide services and programs that contribute to the city's thriving native communities.

Released: 27-Sep-2018 3:55 PM EDT
Unprecedented Study Confirms Massive Scale of Lowland Maya Civilization
Tulane University

Tulane University researchers, documenting the discovery of dozens of ancient cities in northern Guatemala through the use of jungle-penetrating Lidar (light detection and ranging) technology, have published their results in the prestigious journal Science.

Released: 13-Sep-2018 4:45 PM EDT
Study Confirms Adopting Truth Commissions and Justice Measures in Post-Authoritarian Regimes Lowers Homicide Rates
University of Notre Dame

According to new research led by Notre Dame Associate Professor Guillermo Trejo, nations that adopt transitional justice measures, such as truth commissions and judicial prosecutions for past human rights violations, experience lower homicide rates and lower levels of criminal violence.

Released: 17-Aug-2018 2:30 PM EDT
HIV and a Tale of a Few Cities
UC San Diego Health

In a pair of new modeling studies, researchers at University of California San Diego School of Medicine, with international colleagues, examined how policy reform in terms of drug decriminalization (in Mexico) and access to drug treatment (in Russia) might affect two regions hard hit by the HIV pandemic: Tijuana, Mexico and the Russian cities of Omsk and Ekaterinburg.

Released: 12-Feb-2018 5:15 PM EST
New Report on MS13: How the World's Most Notorious Street Gang Defies Logic, Resists Destruction
American University

A new report by InSight Crime and American University’s Center for Latin American & Latino Studies (CLALS) reveals new details about MS13 and the way this gang operates. The report also provides policy recommendations for eradicating MS13.

Released: 15-Nov-2017 9:00 AM EST
Search for Novel Biomarkers Indicating Early Cardiovascular Disease Risk Wins Funding to Design Larger Scale Study in People of Mexican Ancestry
Texas Biomedical Research Institute

Texas Biomedical Research Institute scientists have been granted funding from the National Institutes of Health to pursue a promising study on the ultimate causes of heart disease and metabolic disorders.

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