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    8-Feb-2011 12:00 AM EST

Article ID: 573160

iPhone Quit-Smoking Apps Don’t Make the Grade

Health Behavior News Service

A new study finds that iPhone software applications designed to help people quit smoking fall short of the mark.

7-Feb-2011 11:45 AM EST
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    8-Feb-2011 12:00 AM EST

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Easing FDA Tobacco Advertising Rules Around Schools Could Cripple Law

Washington University in St. Louis

The FDA, through the new Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act, is considering banning outdoor tobacco product advertising at various distances from schools and playgrounds. The tobacco industry is challenging these rules on First Amendment grounds, arguing that they would lead to a near complete ban on tobacco advertising in dense urban areas. A new study by the Center for Tobacco Policy Research (CTPR) at Washington University in St. Louis found that a 1000-foot buffer would still allow for tobacco ads. Smaller buffer zones of 350 feet may result in almost no reduction of outdoor tobacco advertising.

7-Feb-2011 2:40 PM EST

Law and Public Policy

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    7-Feb-2011 4:00 PM EST

Article ID: 573128

Psychotic Illness Appears to Begin at Younger Age Among Those Who Use Cannabis

JAMA - Journal of the American Medical Association

Cannabis use appears to be associated with an earlier onset of psychotic illness, according to a meta-analysis of previously published studies posted online today that will appear in the June print issue of Archives of General Psychiatry, one of the JAMA/Archives journals.

4-Feb-2011 1:20 PM EST

Article ID: 573043

Experts See Increasing Numbers of Teens Abusing Prescription Drugs

Johns Hopkins Medicine

Illicit drugs like marijuana, cocaine and heroin have always been a parent’s nightmare. But perfectly legal and easily accessible prescription medications are now the recreational drugs of choice for many teenagers, prompting physicians at Johns Hopkins Children’s Center to urge pediatricians to screen specifically for their abuse during routine visits.

3-Feb-2011 9:45 AM EST

Article ID: 573027

UT Southwestern Researchers Lead Network of Texas Scientists Trying to Find Better Drug-Addiction Treatments

UT Southwestern Medical Center

UT Southwestern Medical Center psychiatry researchers are leading the Texas arm of a national network that conducts clinical trials aimed at finding effective treatments for drug addiction.

2-Feb-2011 4:00 PM EST
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    30-Jan-2011 1:00 PM EST

Article ID: 572768

Scientists Reveal Key Mechanism Governing Nicotine Addiction

Scripps Research Institute

New research could produce novel therapies that increase natural resistance to addiction to smoking.

25-Jan-2011 2:15 PM EST

Article ID: 572889

Helping Others Helps Alcoholics Stay on the Road to Recovery

Case Western Reserve University

Participating in community service activities and helping others is not just good for the soul; it has a healing effect that helps alcoholics and other addicts become and stay sober, a researcher from Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine reports.

28-Jan-2011 10:05 AM EST
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    28-Jan-2011 12:05 AM EST

Article ID: 572857

Retired NFL Players Misuse Painkillers More than General Population

Washington University in St. Louis

Retired NFL players use painkillers at four times the rate of the general population, according to new research conducted by investigators at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. The researchers say the brutal collisions and bone-jarring injuries associated with football often cause long-term pain, which contributes to continued use and abuse of pain-killing medications.

27-Jan-2011 11:20 AM EST

Article ID: 572825

Non-Alcoholic Energy Drinks May Pose ‘High’ Health Risks

University of Maryland, College Park

Highly-caffeinated energy drinks – even those without alcohol – may pose a significant threat to individuals and public health, say researchers at the University of Maryland School of Public Health and Wake Forest University School of Medicine. They recommend action by health providers, consumer, manufacturers and federal regulators.

26-Jan-2011 3:30 PM EST

Article ID: 572636

Genetically Targeted Medication Shows Great Promise in Treating Alcohol Addiction

University of Virginia Health System

For the first time in alcohol addiction research, UVA investigators have successfully treated alcohol-dependent individuals with medication that is tailored specifically to match their genetic profile.

20-Jan-2011 1:05 PM EST

Showing results 13211330 of 1448

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