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Article ID: 577069

Violence Doesn't Add to Children's Enjoyment of TV Shows, Movies

Indiana University

Despite growing concern about the effects of media violence on children, violent television shows and movies continue to be produced and marketed to them. An Indiana University research study concludes that violence doesn't add anything to their enjoyment of such programs and their characters.

24-May-2011 8:00 AM EDT

Pop Culture


Article ID: 577017

Hollywood Movies with African-American Directors Have More Black Characters

University of Southern California (USC)

Hollywood movies directed by African-Americans are significantly more likely to include African-American characters with speaking roles than movies not directed by African-Americans, according to a report released today from USC Annenberg.

20-May-2011 8:00 AM EDT

Pop Culture


Article ID: 576477

Los Angeles Review of Books Launched

University of California, Riverside

The Los Angeles Review of Books has launched a preview site, the first step in the two-phase launch of an online source of book reviews from a West Coast perspective. Created by Tom Lutz, chair of UC Riverside’s Department of Creative Writing, LARB responds to the decline of newspaper book-review sections.

4-May-2011 5:00 PM EDT

Arts and Humanities

Article ID: 576037

Innovative Public-Private Collaboration Between Top Digital Media Production Group, Florida State University Announced

Florida State University

An innovative public-private collaboration between one of the world’s top digital effects and computer animation companies, the Digital Domain Media Group, and one of the nation’s finest film schools, Florida State University’s College of Motion Picture Arts, announced the development of a new digital media enterprise to be located in West Palm Beach, Fla.

25-Apr-2011 1:40 PM EDT

Article ID: 575953

Study Reveals New Data on Sexiness on Screen

University of Southern California (USC)

In a review of the 100 top-grossing films of 2008, communication professor Dr. Stacy L. Smith and Marc Choueti found that Hollywood’s portrayal of females, especially teenage girls, continues to come up short.

22-Apr-2011 8:00 AM EDT

Pop Culture


Article ID: 575880

It’s Time to Bring Shakespeare Out of the Closet

American University

New book edited by American University professor explores thinking queerly about Shakespeare.

20-Apr-2011 10:30 AM EDT

Arts and Humanities


Article ID: 575879

Childhood Music Lessons May Provide Lifelong Boost in Brain Functioning

American Psychological Association (APA)

APA News Release that states musical training may enhance brain activity throughout life.

20-Apr-2011 10:20 AM EDT

Social and Behavioral Sciences


Article ID: 575803

Television 'Breakups' Cause Some Viewers Distress, Lead to More Media Use

Ohio State University

Even temporary “breakups” can be distressing for some people – at least when it comes to their favorite television programs.

18-Apr-2011 1:00 PM EDT

Social and Behavioral Sciences


Article ID: 575762

A Dose of Art Good for Medicine

Dalhousie University

Using the arts and humanities to inspire multi-layered understandings of the experience of illness and health is the primary focus of Dalhousie University Medical School’s Medical Humanities Program. For the past five months, the Program’s Artist in Residence, Julie Adamson Miller has embraced this challenge by engaging the hearts and minds of Dal medical students in a variety of innovative ways.

15-Apr-2011 12:00 PM EDT

Article ID: 575714

In Blackest Night! Avengers Assemble! Holy University Course, Batman!

University of Manitoba

Okay, everyone, it’s time to get your geek on. During Summer Session 2011 at the University of Manitoba in Canada, you can learn all about your favorite comic book heroes, and maybe even get credit for it.

14-Apr-2011 12:15 PM EDT

Pop Culture

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