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Newswise: Gaga’s Anti-Bullying Stance Can Help, Says Expert

Article ID: 580966

Gaga’s Anti-Bullying Stance Can Help, Says Expert

University at Buffalo

Lady Gaga and other celebrities commenting on bullying have the chance to teach young people about the horrors of bullying abuse, says the director of the University at Buffalo’s Alberti Center for the Prevention of Bullying Abuse, a power that makes it important they act responsibly.

23-Sep-2011 9:00 AM EDT



Article ID: 580612

The Evolution of a New Tune: 10 Years Later, a Look at How the iPod Has Remixed the Music Industry

Kansas State University

The iPod remixed the music industry when it was introduced by Apple Inc. ten years ago. Along with the iPod came iTunes, a program that transformed the way music was sold, played and produced. The music device also led to mobile marketing as we know it today.

14-Sep-2011 11:00 AM EDT

Pop Culture

rutgers logo.jpg

Article ID: 580475

Can a Hollywood Feature Film Convince Audiences to Fight the Flu?

Rutgers University

In Contagion, scientists scramble to diagnose and stop a new strain of flu virus that achieves pandemic status. It's a scary scenario, but one that should help convince people to "roll up their sleeves" and get a seasonal flu vaccine.

9-Sep-2011 1:05 PM EDT

Article ID: 580342

Campaign Humor Is in the Eye of the Viewer: Support for Candidates Predicts Evaluations of Their Jokes and Vice Versa

University of Arkansas, Fayetteville

When presidential candidates poke fun at themselves or at opponents, viewers take away different impressions of the humor and of the candidates based on previously held opinions.

7-Sep-2011 5:00 AM EDT

Social and Behavioral Sciences


Article ID: 580356

Happy Birthday Buddy: Buddy Holly Transformed Music, Media Law, Say Texas Tech Experts

Texas Tech University

Buddy Holly's impact on music and the legal side of the music industry still raves on today.

6-Sep-2011 5:00 PM EDT

Arts and Humanities

Newswise: Pulitzer Winner Documents Battle with Cancer in Film Airing on PBS

Article ID: 580321

Pulitzer Winner Documents Battle with Cancer in Film Airing on PBS

Tartaglia Communications

Diagnosed at age 48 with a potentially deadly form of lymphoma, Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist John Kaplan turned the lens on himself and chronicled his experience in a moving visual journal. Kaplan’s new film, Not As I Pictured, is now showing on PBS stations nationwide. Kaplan is giving away 10,000 DVD copies to anyone affected by cancer.

6-Sep-2011 10:25 AM EDT

Article ID: 580262

W&L's Shenandoah Goes Online with 61st Volume

Washington and Lee University

On Sept. 1, the Fall 2011 issue of Shenandoah: The Washington and Lee University Review hit the newsstand — the virtual newsstand, that is. The 61-year-old literary journal is now entirely online and free.

2-Sep-2011 9:00 AM EDT

Arts and Humanities

Article ID: 580269

Public Radio Icon Offers Memoir for Free

University of Kentucky

National radio personality Bob Edwards has teamed up with University Press of Kentucky to offer his new memoir, "A Voice in the Box," for free as an e-book prior to its print release.

2-Sep-2011 8:00 AM EDT

Pop Culture

S11690 ACS SAN DIEGO graphic - 600x200.jpg
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    28-Aug-2011 3:00 PM EDT

Article ID: 579798

Hollywood Screenwriters and Scientists: More than an Artistic Collaboration

American Chemical Society (ACS)

In this International Year of Chemistry (IYC), writers and producers for the most popular crime and science-related television shows and movies are putting out an all-points bulletin for scientists to advise them on the accuracy of their plots involving lab tests, crime scenes, etc., and to even give them story ideas.

25-Aug-2011 1:00 PM EDT
Newswise: Assigning Adult Ratings to Movies that Include Cigarette Smokers Is Bad Policy

Article ID: 580035

Assigning Adult Ratings to Movies that Include Cigarette Smokers Is Bad Policy

RTI International

In an essay published this month in the Public Library of Science journal Medicine, two prominent tobacco researchers argue against adopting adult movie ratings in the United States for films that include on-screen cigarette smoking.

26-Aug-2011 11:20 AM EDT

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