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Toolkit Evaluates Youth Smoking Cessation Programs

University of Illinois at Chicago

Health educators nationwide who run youth smoking cessation programs now have access to a free toolkit to evaluate their programs at www.HYSQ.org.

28-Apr-2010 12:15 PM EDT
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    26-Apr-2010 4:00 PM EDT

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Four Unhealthy Behaviors Combine to Increase Death Risk

JAMA - Journal of the American Medical Association

Four unhealthy behaviors—smoking, lack of physical activity, poor diet and alcohol consumption—appear to be associated with a substantially increased risk of death when combined, according to a report in the April 26 issue of Archives of Internal Medicine, one of the JAMA/Archives journals.

23-Apr-2010 8:45 AM EDT
Newswise: Researchers Find Genetic Variants Linked to Smoking Behaviors
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    25-Apr-2010 1:00 PM EDT

Article ID: 563818

Researchers Find Genetic Variants Linked to Smoking Behaviors

University of North Carolina Health Care System

In a paper published in the journal Nature Genetics, a UNC team reported that three genetic regions were associated with the number of cigarettes smoked per day, one region was associated with smoking initiation and one variant was associated with smoking cessation.

24-Apr-2010 1:00 PM EDT

Article ID: 563477

Federal Officials and College Leaders Get Lessons Preventing Addiction on College Campuses

Texas Tech University

White House and U.S. Department of Education representatives will join addiction researchers and recovery program administrators participate in nation’s first conference promoting recovery communities on college campuses.

15-Apr-2010 10:45 AM EDT

Social and Behavioral Sciences

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    13-Apr-2010 7:30 AM EDT

Article ID: 562818

Smoking May Counteract Benefit of Moderate Drinking on Stroke Risk

American Academy of Neurology (AAN)

New research finds any beneficial effect of drinking moderate amounts of alcohol on stroke may be counteracted by cigarette smoking, according to research that will be presented as part of the late-breaking science program at the American Academy of Neurology’s 62nd Annual Meeting in Toronto, April 10 – 17, 2010.

30-Mar-2010 1:30 PM EDT
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    28-Mar-2010 2:00 PM EDT

Article ID: 562577

Compulsive Eating Shares Same Addictive Biochemical Mechanism with Cocaine, Heroin Abuse

Scripps Research Institute

In a newly published study, scientists from The Scripps Research Institute have shown for the first time that the same molecular mechanisms that drive people into drug addiction are behind the compulsion to overeat, pushing people into obesity.

23-Mar-2010 3:00 PM EDT
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    19-Mar-2010 8:00 PM EDT

Article ID: 562382

Sleep Deprivation Influences Drug Use in Teens’ Social Networks

University of California San Diego Health

Recent studies have shown that behaviors such as happiness, obesity, smoking and altruism are “contagious” within adult social networks. In other words, your behavior not only influences your friends, but also their friends and so on. Researchers at the University of California, San Diego and Harvard University have taken this a step farther and found that the spread of one behavior in social networks influences the spread of another behavior, adolescent drug use.

17-Mar-2010 12:25 PM EDT
Newswise: Increasing Neurogenesis Might Prevent Drug Addiction and Relapse

Article ID: 561790

Increasing Neurogenesis Might Prevent Drug Addiction and Relapse

UT Southwestern Medical Center

Researchers at UT Southwestern Medical Center hope they have begun paving a new pathway in the fight against drug dependence.

26-Feb-2010 11:50 AM EST

Article ID: 561245

Are Bees Also Addicted to Caffeine and Nicotine?

University of Haifa

Bees prefer nectar with small amounts of nicotine and caffeine over nectar that does not comprise these substances at all, a study from the University of Haifa reveals. "This could be an evolutionary development intended, as in humans, to make the bee addicted," states Prof. Ido Izhaki, one of the researchers who conducted the study.

10-Feb-2010 9:00 AM EST

Article ID: 561002

Gene Variation Makes Alcoholism Less Likely in Some Survivors of Sexual Abuse

Washington University in St. Louis

Exposure to severe stress early in life increases the risk of alcohol and drug addiction. Yet surprisingly, some adults sexually abused as children — and therefore at high risk for alcohol problems — carry gene variants that protect them from heavy drinking and its effects, according to researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis.

2-Feb-2010 12:40 PM EST

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