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Article ID: 649029

Fossil Find Reveals Just How Big Carnivorous Dinosaur May Have Grown

Imperial College London

An unidentified fossilised bone in a museum has revealed the size of a fearsome abelisaur and may have solved a hundred-year old puzzle.

1-Mar-2016 2:05 PM EST

Article ID: 648558

Dodos Might Have Been Quite Intelligent, New Research Finds

American Museum of Natural History

X-ray scans reveal that dodo's relative brain size was similar to pigeons, likely had enhanced sense of smell.

23-Feb-2016 1:05 PM EST
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    22-Feb-2016 12:00 PM EST

Article ID: 648184

Using Fossilized Remains, Scientists Complete the Mitochondrial Genome of the Glyptodont, a Shelled Mammal the Size of a VW Beetle, Confirming It as the Armadillo’s Ancestor

McMaster University

Scientists have sequenced the entire mitochondrial genome of the ancient glyptodont, a giant, strange mammal and ancestor of the modern-day armadillo, which first appeared approximately 4 million years ago, roaming the Earth until its extinction during the Ice Age.

17-Feb-2016 11:05 AM EST

Article ID: 648199

500 Million-Year-Old Fossils Show How Extinct Organisms Attacked Their Prey

University of Missouri

Missouri-based scientists unlock clues to predatory behavior, a significant factor in evolution.

17-Feb-2016 12:05 PM EST

Article ID: 647983

Paleontologists Discover Evidence of New Types of Dinosaurs in Idaho Including Tyrannosaur Ancestors

Montana State University

A team of Montana State University paleontologists have identified several new types of dinosaurs from fossil evidence discovered in eastern Idaho, demonstrating the presence of a much more diverse group of theropods in the area than was previously known.

12-Feb-2016 3:05 PM EST

Article ID: 647962

New Study Confirms Giant Flightless Bird Wandered the Arctic 50 Million Years Ago

University of Colorado Boulder

A single toe bone found on Ellesmere Island in the 1970s is described for the first time.

12-Feb-2016 1:05 PM EST

Article ID: 647879

Study: Fossil Record Disappears at Different Rates

University of Wyoming

Statistical analysis by University of Wyoming researchers shows wide variation in the rates at which the bones of ancient animals in the Americas have been lost.

11-Feb-2016 2:05 PM EST

Article ID: 647567

Fossil Discovery: Extraordinary ‘Big-Mouthed’ Fish From Cretaceous Period

DePaul University

An international team of scientists have discovered two new plankton-eating fossil fish species of the genus called Rhinconichthys from the oceans of the Cretaceous Period, about 92 million years ago, when dinosaurs roamed the planet.

8-Feb-2016 11:05 AM EST

Article ID: 647509

Yale Puts Prehistoric Mystery Meat to the Test (Spoiler Alert: It’s Not Woolly Mammoth OR Giant Ground Sloth)

Yale University

Sorry, Explorers Club, but woolly mammoth is no longer on the menu. Neither is the giant ground sloth.

5-Feb-2016 1:05 PM EST

Article ID: 647343

Breakfast of Champions: Humans Played a Role in Extinction of Giant Australian Bird

University of Colorado Boulder

The menu for the earliest inhabitants of the Australian Outback some 50,000 years ago may have included some very big omelets.

3-Feb-2016 2:05 PM EST

Showing results 191200 of 220

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