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From Main Street to Wall Street - Experts Offer Perspective on Financial Crisis

Saint Joseph's University

Members of the Erivan K. Haub School of Business faculty at Saint Joseph's University in Philadelphia are available to speak about the financial crisis: consumer psychology as it relates to personal finance; impact on business education; mechanics of what's happening on Wall Street; ethical mistakes made at every stage of the subprime-mortgage debacle; taxpayer reaction to the "bailout"; and the job market for graduates.

13-Oct-2008 10:40 AM EDT
Newswise: More TV/Radio Use Likely During Financial Crisis

Article ID: 545230

More TV/Radio Use Likely During Financial Crisis

University of Maryland, College Park

TV and radio use will likely increase during a prolonged recession, predicts University of Maryland media economist Douglas Gomery. He bases his comments of current audience behavior as well as Great Depression era trends.

12-Oct-2008 8:15 PM EDT

Article ID: 545220

Americans and the Economy: Angry Feelings, Fear Exceeds Terrorism Risk

University of Oregon

In the first three days of the country's economic meltdown that began Sept. 29, 81 percent of Americans surveyed in a national poll agreed or strongly agreed that the financial crisis "poses a greater threat to the quality of my life than does the threat of terrorism." And researchers found little trust in the government and even less in business leaders.

10-Oct-2008 4:15 PM EDT

Social and Behavioral Sciences


Article ID: 545195

History Professor Compares/Contrasts Current Economic Crisis with Great Depression

Temple University

Bryant Simon, professor of history and director of American studies at Temple University, says that there are some obvious similarities and differences between today's crisis and the Great Depression. But one key difference, said Simon, is that society in the 1930s was better organized, and social groups -- such as labor and even small business groups -- were better able to push back against Congress.

10-Oct-2008 11:05 AM EDT

Arts and Humanities


Article ID: 545193

Economic Crisis: Story Ideas and Expert Commentary

University of Alabama at Birmingham

With questions over the economy's future becoming more numerous by the day, the business, management and finance experts at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) School of Business are able to provide answers on a range of issues. Six UAB experts offer expert commentary on six topics connected to the country's economic crisis. All are available for print and broadcast interview.

10-Oct-2008 10:20 AM EDT

Social and Behavioral Sciences

Newswise: Financial Crisis: Don't be Impatient

Article ID: 545192

Financial Crisis: Don't be Impatient

Rowan University

We are not entering another Great Depression, says finance professor Dr. Robert Pritchard of Rowan University. The current fiscal crisis we are facing, he believes, should be close to bottoming out.

10-Oct-2008 10:10 AM EDT

Article ID: 545154

Economic Meltdown Creates New Independence For Brokers

National Securities Corporation

The recent collapse of several major financial institutions"”A.I.G., Bear Stearns, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch, Wachovia, and Washington Mutual"”has left the world's financial markets reeling, with no one knowing when the dust will settle.

9-Oct-2008 7:00 AM EDT

Article ID: 545122

During These Times of Economic Crisis a Cardiologist Warns Against Signs of a Cardiac Crash

Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Rising unemployment rates, the worst Wall Street crises since the end of World War II, record home foreclosures. There is plenty of stress to go around. What effect is stress having on our health and what can we do about it?

8-Oct-2008 2:00 PM EDT

Article ID: 545119

University Offers Experts for Comment on Economic Crisis

Tulane University

Tulane University offers experts for comment on economic crisis.

8-Oct-2008 1:45 PM EDT

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Article ID: 545088

Professor Available to Discuss History of Economic Panics

University of New Hampshire

Jessica Lepler, assistant professor of history at the University of New Hampshire, is available to discuss the history and culture of economic panics, in particular, the Panic of 1837.

7-Oct-2008 5:15 PM EDT

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