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Article ID: 710997

Geographer establishes Morgantown Seed Preservation Library

West Virginia University - Eberly College of Arts and Sciences

A West Virginia University heirloom seed expert is working to increase access to Appalachia’s heirloom seeds through a new seed preservation library.

9-Apr-2019 10:05 AM EDT

Article ID: 710922

Declassified U2 spy plane images reveal bygone Middle Eastern archaeological features

University of Pennsylvania

In the 1950s and early '60s, with the Cold War at its peak, the United States flew U2 spy planes across Europe, the Middle East, and central eastern Asia, taking images of interesting military targets. Though the missions typically connected Point A to Point B, say an air field and an important city

8-Apr-2019 1:05 PM EDT

Social and Behavioral Sciences


Article ID: 710872

Danforth Center Announces All-Star Board To Pick First IN2 Agtech Cohort

Donald Danforth Plant Science Center

The Donald Danforth Plant Science Center announces the formation of an all-star line-up of agricultural experts to advise the Wells Fargo Innovation Incubator (IN2) as it deploys up to $2.25 million in technical assistance for agtech startup companies.

8-Apr-2019 9:00 AM EDT

Article ID: 710870

Cities with Tree Protection Laws Show More Canopy Coverage, Savings

University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences

Andrew Koeser, a UF/IFAS assistant professor of environmental horticulture, led a newly completed study that looked at 43 cities in Florida. Researchers showed that Florida cities with tree ordinances that protect large trees have 6.7 percent more tree canopy coverage than those that don’t.

5-Apr-2019 2:05 PM EDT

Law and Public Policy

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    5-Apr-2019 5:00 AM EDT

Article ID: 710622

Scientists Develop Methods to Validate Gene Regulation Networks

New York University

A team of biologists and computer scientists has mapped out a network of interactions for how plant genes coordinate their response to nitrogen, a crucial nutrient and the main component of fertilizer.

2-Apr-2019 12:05 PM EDT

Article ID: 710829

Rusted root: Weedy rice repeatedly evolves ‘cheater’ root traits

Washington University in St. Louis

Researchers from Washington University in St. Louis and the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center used a new imaging technique to reveal a takeover strategy that has worked for weedy rice over and over again: roots that minimize below-ground contact with other plants.

4-Apr-2019 9:05 PM EDT

Article ID: 710826

CSU Awards Grants to Support Student Well-Being

California State University (CSU) Chancellor's Office

​​​The CSU Chancellor’s Office has awarded inaugural mini-grants to CSU faculty, staff and students in support of basic needs and student well-being. The funding will go toward identifying ways to connect students with available campus resources and removing barriers to a degree.

4-Apr-2019 5:05 PM EDT


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5160 of 2720

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