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Article ID: 608122

NSU’s Graduate School of Computer and Information Sciences Raises Awareness About Cyber Security

Nova Southeastern University

During the month of October, Nova Southeastern University’s Graduate School of Computer and Information Sciences (GSCIS) is hosting a series of events in observance of National Cyber Security Awareness Month.

24-Sep-2013 4:20 PM EDT



Article ID: 607596

NYIT Cyber Security Conference 2013: Threats, Protections, Tools, and Education

New York Institute of Technology

As the need to protect individuals and organizations against threats of cyber attacks continues to increase, New York Institute of Technology’s annual cyber security conference is bringing together experts from the security industry, government, and academia to foster dialogue and developments around increasingly complex challenges they face today.

13-Sep-2013 10:00 AM EDT

Article ID: 607507

Threat to Privacy Found in Auto Insurance “Pay As You Drive” Programs

Dick Jones Communications

Auto insurance 'pay as you drive' programs can be used to correctly infer one's destination, researchers find.

10-Sep-2013 12:40 PM EDT

Social and Behavioral Sciences

Article ID: 606911

Email Privacy a Hallmark of a Free Society

Washington University in St. Louis

As encrypted email services like Lavabit shut their doors, the importance of email privacy becomes even more clear writes Neil Richards, JD, privacy law expert and professor of law at Washington University in St. Louis, in a recent CNN opinion piece. “E-mail privacy matters because our intellectual privacy matters,” he says.

23-Aug-2013 3:00 PM EDT

Pop Culture

Article ID: 605977

Georgia Tech Uncovers iOS Security Weaknesses

Georgia Institute of Technology

Researchers from the Georgia Tech Information Security Center (GTISC) have discovered two security weaknesses that permit installation of malware onto Apple mobile devices using seemingly innocuous applications and peripherals, uncovering significant security threats to the iOS platform.

31-Jul-2013 8:25 AM EDT

Article ID: 604721

Changing the Way Businesses Defend Against Cyber Attacks

Iowa State University

Hackers have attacked various corporations, but still most organizations do not prioritize cybersecurity as a strategic competency. A group of Iowa State University researchers says it is time for that philosophy to change.

24-Jun-2013 5:00 PM EDT
7-Jun-2013 3:25 PM EDT

Law and Public Policy

Showing results 641650 of 767

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