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Southern Research Programs Aim to Shield Against Pandemic Flu Dangers

Southern Research

Southern Research scientists are working on several fronts to help limit the death toll from a catastrophic flu outbreak that one day slams the nation.

23-Jan-2018 8:55 AM EST
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    18-Jan-2018 2:00 PM EST

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Flu Vaccine Could Get a Much-Needed Boost

University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), Health Sciences

More than 700,000 Americans were hospitalized due to illnesses associated with the seasonal flu during the 2014–15 flu season, according to federal estimates. A radical new approach to vaccine development at UCLA may help lower that figure for future flu seasons.

17-Jan-2018 6:00 AM EST

Article ID: 688055

Flu Season: How to Stay Healthy

Rutgers University

A Rutgers medical expert explains why this year’s flu season is so fierce and how you can protect yourself

17-Jan-2018 12:05 PM EST
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    16-Jan-2018 10:00 AM EST

Article ID: 687925

Previous Influenza Virus Exposures Enhance Susceptibility in Another Influenza Pandemic

McMaster University

New data analysis suggests that people born at the time of the 1957 H2N2 or Asian Flu pandemic were at a higher risk of dying during the 2009 H1N1 Swine Flu pandemic as well as the resurgent H1N1 outbreak in 2013-2014. And it is not the first time this has happened.

15-Jan-2018 9:00 AM EST

Article ID: 687697

Doctor Offers Tips on Warding Off a Cold

University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), Health Sciences

There a few common sense, if perhaps overlooked, steps one can take to reduce one’s risk for catching a cold.

9-Jan-2018 2:40 PM EST

Article ID: 687634

Loyola Medicine Pediatrician Offers Advice for Parents to Help Keep Children Safe from the Flu

Loyola University Health System

Loyola Medicine pediatrician Bridget Boyd, MD, has some advice for parents on how to help their child fend off the flu and what to do if they do get sick.

8-Jan-2018 4:40 PM EST

Article ID: 687573

Cedars-Sinai Epidemiologist Discusses Best Ways to Stay Healthy as Flu Season Peaks


Influenza is a serious illness that sometimes can result in death. Jonathan Grein, MD, Cedars-Sinai medical director of Hospital Epidemiology, is available to discuss ways to keep healthy as flu activity surges dramatically.

8-Jan-2018 5:00 AM EST

Showing results 6170 of 529

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